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  1. Well . . . seasons one through eight are an entirely different (collective) animal. Blake's base wasn't quite what it was back then. (Still a good size, but not overwhelmingly so. At least not yet.) It was season nine that his base took hold so much and so strongly, he started having at least two in the finale (or at least one in the finale and one near it) pretty consistently.
  2. . . . Always? Let's take a little walk down Memory Lane and visit Austin from season eleven. . . .
  3. This is why you don't pick Kelly if you're in that age group. Kinsey learned that the hard way.
  4. Ooh. Sounds like they're not doing the stupid "still on the stairs" rule anymore and are allowing steals and saves to be used simultaneously again like seasons fourteen through seventeen. Sadly, I agree that Kinsey made a foolish choice by going right back to Kelly, given what happened to her in the next round.
  5. What? What happened with John's husband? He sounded so in love with him when he was on the show.
  6. My guess? She auditioned toward the end, when the teams were nearly full and the coaches were getting super-picky. I think that's always a terrible excuse to get picky, but there you go.
  7. Well, clearly, that didn't work, based on Lana surviving instead.
  8. They very rarely montage groups, so I have a hard time seeing any of them getting montaged. The Brothers Walker from season six, to date, are the only group to get that treatment, and I imagine that it was only because Usher eliminated them rather than advance them. No other duo or trio's been treated like that in the Battles. Not even those who got dropped there without steals. That said, with so many this season, I agree that it's possible that we could at least see our second-ever group montaged. But I think that we should look at Battle losers or Battle winners who lose their subsequent Knockouts for the likely victims. With those in consideration, I agree that KCK3 and the Cunningham Sisters are in the most danger of that, and The Joy Reunion, as well, unless TPTB want to feature and showcase Peedy. But given that Jim & Sasha win both their Battle and Knockout, I think that they'll avoid the montage. Girl Named Tom is probably the only group fully safe from it. Just my two cents.
  9. If anyone could've done it with him as a coach duet, I would've thought that it would've been Victor.
  10. Given that Xavier's a Battle winner, but a Knockout loser, it's very possible.
  11. I suspect that the "Cardigan" Battle could be montaged, too, since Taylor rarely gives the show the rights to air any of her songs. Pity, since it's one of my favorite songs of hers.
  12. John doesn't want teens on his team nowadays. Since season eighteen, at least, it's been all about experienced people for him. And that's one of several things that's done him in since then.
  13. There's a reason she's kept nearly all of the ones who joined her team. As of this season, only OneUp and the Cunningham Sisters have been dropped by her.
  14. Anthony Arya's Battle was short-clipped in spite of his steal at the end of it.
  15. Katherine Ho (season ten) and Alexandra Joyce (season thirteen) both did the song and, yes, were montaged. Alexandra, in particular, flipped the song. Hopefully, it's not montaged this time. It's one of my favorite Taylor songs.
  16. Oh, I was fine with it. At least Blake threw away one of his edges.
  17. Young kid with the ultimate shepherd of sheep (Blake)? That reason.
  18. So Sarah Beth is staying, after all? What a relief.
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