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  1. Perhaps TPTB suggested Wendy to pick Ariana but she went tryhard and chose Blake instead .
  2. Ari stans are gonna be so confused trying to find a frontrunner on Ariana's team. Probably Ryleigh is gonna be the closest thing they get until the knockouts.
  3. The song is OK, it's has an 90's 2000's alt rock vibe. Fun fact: Chloe fought all the boomers asking her to do Rock music so hard just to end up doing it anyway .
  4. Where are the ratings? I wanna see Ariana's impact on the show .
  5. I agree with Peedy looking more dangerous than Wendy. She's not going to stand out if she does the exact same thing that any other diva does on the show.
  6. She gets some points for the arrangement but overall a very predictable audition.
  7. Can't wait for Gymani's audition. Yeah, because knowing the Voice, the leak has to be Gymani
  8. IDF shocked at the premiere being full of fodder when odd seasons have been like that since forever lol. Hailey Mia The winner should get aired in episode 3 LMAO
  9. Alicia for sure. Adam maybe. Miley would have found a way to lose lol.
  10. Hehe, Imma leave this here and let everyone draw their own conclusions.
  11. I'm sure Wé and Billy were TCO but you can only do so much agaisnt a charismatic bearded guy killing it. That's not the case this time. If anything, if plan A (Ariana) flops Blake has the season in the bag as per usual.
  12. When you have a cast like that, it's up to TPTB and the narrative they are trying to sell this time. Minivan usually buys it.
  13. They are making things easier for someone. We just need to figure out who
  14. Not as much as Carson (which was hilarious) but overall rn everybody thinks he's Blake's best shot if Wendy doesn't get support from Minivan. If that happens I can promise you that a good portion of the forum will be declaring him the winner right after .
  15. So, only 2 Young male adults have won the show but here we are getting scared at Peedy's chances
  16. If we add the 30+ females we have 9/20. Plus the teen winners we have 16/20. Only four Young adults have won the show lol (Cassadee, Jordan, Chloe and Maelyn)
  17. Yep, we're not gonna have a conventional winner this season. Peedy and Hailey are kinda "conventional" on paper but I don't think they are winning.
  18. Kelly won season 17 lol. I don't know about earlier seasons but that's been the case lately. Same happened with Kelly. When she got two wins in a row, they announced a "Team Kelly three-peat" and her season 16 team ended up being a joke in terms of a potential winner. Blake will probably still get the runner up and two finalists but I'm not buying this Blake hype yet.
  19. Peedy and Wendy, Holly (or maaaaybe Ryleigh, but this will need a miracle). The rest are fighting for 4 and 5 place. Probably Jeremy from Team Kelly too, he loves Jesus.
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