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  1. Trolling IDF is really with no Minivan material or a unique contestant at my disposal . And if this ends up being a Wendy vs Holly showdown, I gotta say that this is not the kind of Waffle season that I've been waiting for .
  2. Sorry but "Valerie" is the definition of a song for a Middle pack contestant. Wendy singing gospel in the KOs may be very telling though
  3. Kelly may carry her group as far as she can but they are a trio of young adults so Minivan is gonna support them as much as they have supported other groups in the past.
  4. Kinda like season 5 and 13, I guess they are aiming for a very specific type of winner. Maybe a team Ariana member or perhaps a black Female winner.
  5. Another problem is that none of these song choices scream "coronation song", except for "Oceans" LMAO. I'm guessing a backstory is gonna be key this season. So far, the only one with an obvious backstory is Holly Forbes.
  6. Based on this, Peedy is winning, Hailey Mia as the runner-up and Wendy Moten getting 3rd place
  7. Whenever I see the words "Insane", "she ATE!", "Killled it!", "amazing", etc. Especially regarding powerhouses, I always picture Jus.Willy and Angelbright writing the feedback
  8. Yes, but I can't do anything about Kelly's decisions and she chose GNT as her group. It's fine though, sometimes you get it right and sometimes dont. I'm very satisfied with my "predicting" skills though. At least I'm not one of those who only feel talkative once the spoilers are out And btw, TCS is a duo (heavily gospel influenced). There's a huge difference with the pop teen girl that we see every season.
  9. Brynn is the only pop act/teen to (organically) reach the finale on Team Kelly so far, and that was Kelly's first season. Some predict a Team Kelly pop teen going to the finale every season and it hasn't happened since then. Just saying
  10. Carson is out as expected, at least for me . Now, Should I be worried about Peedy getting the win? LMAO not at all
  11. Considering that she has cute kids she might be this season's TCO. I'm not ruling her out but honestly I'd prefer Ryleigh getting frontrunner status
  12. We should keep an eye on Team Ariana now. With no bearded country guy, Kelly picking no Minivan material on her team and John being John, Team Ari could have a chance now.
  13. I guess it's my turn to do this: wE gOnNa gEt aLL tHe InFo sTaRtiNg sEpTemBeR 20 It usually takes a week at worst
  14. If Hailey Mia ends up being Kelly's teen of the season. That'd be great news for Team Ariana and maaaaybe Wendy.
  15. Wendy should be fine, Blake respects good singers a lot (let alone someone like Wendy). The problem is Minivan + TPTB, I'm not gonna believe she's winning until Carson announces her name. Team Blake frontrunner? That's possible but who knows with Minivan.
  16. IDF likes 90% of the contestants this season (Similar to the last couple of seasons lol), so you should be expecting some "shocking" eliminations, even though the same type of contestants gets eliminated every season
  17. Btw, nothing wrong with literally any of the contestants but you all should be well aware that Minivan has a very specific taste. Well, that's where I come in.
  18. Are you guys implying that Hailey Mia made it to the lives If that's true, then this is Kelly just being Kelly .
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