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  1. It's an unimpressed bugs bunny LMAO. It's just logic lol. What's the point of Blake winning with a country teen? Most people focus too much on the contestants and forget that this is a TV show, just saying
  2. The exception to the rule is always Blake, but still, male runner-up at best.
  3. Btw, all the males are gonna be irrelevant this season, so you all can stop suggesting them as frontrunners lol. This is a waffle season if I've ever seen one. Screenshot this and thank me later
  4. All of them and the saves scream fodder to me. Jershika being the exception (still with a low ceiling though)
  6. Yeah, no matter how we put it, team Kelly is bound to have some "shocking" results.
  7. Just checked and she's 22, not too bad depending on her personality.
  8. She kinda looks like the girl next door that Minivan miiight support at some point. Bonus points if she's a teen. If she's an adult, she better have a really good backstory.
  9. Most IDF favorites managed to survive the battles. Now it's time to make room for the real protagonists of the show
  10. I'm too lazy to go back and dig for the current KO teams but from what I remember I've already ruled out Team Legend a long time ago
  11. I said it already but I still have to make some jokes, so for now I'm just gonna say Wendy Moten like everyone else . Don't take this seriously at all though.
  12. I can see Minivan supporting Holly to a certain degree (especially considering that she has kids), but I don't think she's gonna win.
  13. I dunno, she already lost her battle and the song choice kinda favored Raquel Trinidad. I smell fodder. Brynn has Dua Lipa's tone going on for her and HS was a cute duo. I hope she brings something special to the show but I'm not seeing it so far.
  14. Semifinals is his ceiling. I can see him fighting Gymani for the powerhouse spot on Team Kelly.
  15. Historically, a powerhouse has never been Kelly's frontrunner. Desz took that spot some seasons ago, but we all know R*an was a lock for the PV that season. Kelly always wants one in her team though, so Gymani should be fine for now.
  16. Seems like there's no bearded country guy this season, so this is gonna be an easy season for a pop/soul act.
  17. LMFAO at the spoilers thread not even considering the sisters for the live shows
  18. As far as I know and as long as the artist is related to the show (which is the case here), keeping the fan thread alive is up to you. (Source: I run the Isabel Dumas fan thread )
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