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  1. Two pretty good videos from Miley Cyrus at Summerfest on 9.17 Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop [Live 4K] (Summerfest 2021 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - September 17, 2021) Miley Cyrus: WTF Do I Know [Live 4K] (Summerfest 2021 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - September 17, 2021)
  2. I ran across this gem in the course of a different search. It's not recent but it's certainly live. If you don't know them or only know a couple of their hits, the Bangles were a 60's-influenced, post-punk, all-woman pop rock band with great harmonies and a string of top-ten hits that included two 1s and two 2s. This video shows the Bangles in their '80's glory at the peak of their stardom. It features a number of songs from their excellent first album as well as their first big hits from the second. It's a lot of fun to watch. BTW, if you hate Manic Monday and Walk Like an Egyptian, give them a try anyway. The rest of the stuff is great, and those two come at the end. Bangles, Live in Pittsburgh 1986 (approx 60 mins)
  3. You might like this one better. Billie Eilish performs “Happier Than Ever” at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival 9.18
  4. Most of the comments on Twitter, Instagram (2 posts now) and YouTube are positive, if not very substantive. There aren't a large number - YouTube had 674 views and 25 comments when I looked a few minutes ago That isn't surprising since there wasn't any promotion. Chloe seems happy with the track. She called it "a piece of my heart" on Instagram. Is the mystery on Twitter a few days ago about the release date that it would be on Voice premiere day? Chloe never mentioned any relation - or TV at all.
  5. Agree, as much as it's anysubgenre. Look back at the original Stawberry Fields post above (video is gone) - seems to be going for the same thing. It's thin instrumentally and pretty static, though. Seems kinda homemade. I'm curious to see where she goes from here.
  6. Olivia Rodrigo - IHeartRadio set, feat. Drivers License/Good for U - 20mins - 9.18.21 (billed as Olivia's first festival appearance) Billie Eilish - IHeartRadio set, feat. Bad Guy/Happier Than Ever - 23 mins - 9.18.21
  7. Enjoyed those. Thanks! Also great seeing Gracee and getting introduced to Nikita and Taylor.
  8. Plush - Barracuda - HOUSE OF BLUES Cleveland AUG 7, 2021
  9. Weezer - Enter Sandman (Metallica cover) – Live in Napa, 9/18
  10. The Highwomen, "Highwomen" - BottleRock Napa - Sept. 3, 2021 (Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Natalie Hemby + Brittany Spencer - Amanda Shires and Yola)
  11. Blackberry Smoke - Keep Your Hands to Yourself, Aug. 22 Guns N' Roses - Paradise City Live with Dave Grohl at BottleRock Napa Valley, Sept. 4 Foo Fighters - Times Like These - MSG 6/20/21
  12. On a brighter note, Moriah Formica's band Plush today released their second single, Athena, from their upcoming self-titled album due on October 29. This is a live video of their new single. Bear with the slow beginning. There's a good rock video in there. Studio
  13. I follow her twitter but she seldom posts and says almost nothing about what she's doing. Her Instagram has no posts. If she has a manager or label, I don't recall seeing it. I know.
  14. Brittney Spencer - Independence Day - 14th Annual ACM Honors concert, Aug. 27. Brittney is a 2021 Next Women of Country pick.
  15. Chloe seems to be having issues deciding how to promote her new album.
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