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  1. hit the continue and x buttons and didn't require account or subscription
  2. Enthusiastic article from Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2021/05/26/voice-finale-winner-cam-anthony/
  3. Moriah Formica's band Plush just posted a cover of Alter Bridge's Isolation. btw, Nashville has a new Morgan - singer-songwriter Morgan Wade with her debut album Reckless, this week's Billboard Emerging Artist pick. It's a stunner imo. Opening track.
  4. Moriah Formica's band Plush has released its first single. Plush is an all-female group, and Moriah appears to be the oldest at 20 according to their PR. I'm hearing an Evanescence vibe in this one?
  5. Has there been any indication of timing or how it's being released? I don't recall hearing about a label, for example.
  6. She has an interest in the financial success of her husband's established company for which Morgan had become the biggest breadwinner. She said what she said. I don't think hypothetical excuses for her or the people who liked her post count for anything. If she or they have more to say, she and they should say it.
  7. Seems to me if they gave it an unqualified endorsement, then they gave it an unqualified endorsement.
  8. Given the recent controversies, if you are interested in writers with a different perspective on Nashville music and the music industry, you might try the following - not meant to be an exhaustive list. They are all active on twitter and also offer a decent window into artists outside the Nashville mainstream. Ann Powers (NPR) @annkpowers Marissa Moss @MarissaRMoss https://www.marissarmoss.com/ Natalie Weiner @natalieweiner https://dontrocktheinbox.substack.com/p/issueone (with Marissa Moss) Lorie Liebig @lorieliebig https://www.morethanacowgirl.com/ Seak05, it's great you posted the Chapel Hart song. I just learned about them from an Ann Powers tweet this weekend. They have other really cool songs on youtube.
  9. This could be interesting. Maren Morris, Luke Combs to Discuss Accountability in Country Music Critic Ann Powers will moderate the Q&A session during Country Radio Seminar’s 2021 virtual edition https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/luke-combs-maren-morris-accountability-panel-1123900/ Ann Powers is the senior country/folk/Americana music writer for NPR.
  10. I took a pass on the Saving Country Music blog after Coroneos' feud with some of the women writers in Nashville and his position on the shut-up-and-sing issues, which overlap to a degree, but I agree that he's dead on here.
  11. I recently posted a link to Natalie Weiner's piece on Wallen in the former contestants thread. It was generally positive but not without reservations. She updated on Twitter this morning.
  12. Indeed. Or others on the current Americana charts. https://americanamusic.org/radio-chart-singles https://americanamusic.org/radio-chart-album Tyler Childers isn't on those charts currently but he is a strong counterweight to views of country males. His music is more "country" than anything on the mainstream charts, but he is a very different sort. Check this NPR review. https://www.npr.org/sections/we-insist-a-timeline-of-protest-music-in-2020/2020/09/18/914469882/tyler-childers-pushes-back-on-southern-values-and-our-long-violent-history
  13. I'd started to come around a bit on Morgan based on some of his recent work, but got to give him a pass hereafter.
  14. That was was my favorite season of the show and my least favorite on IDF. I haven't been or wanted to be a regular here since. I was a big fan of Chloe and would be today if she wanted us. There was a lot of needless stuff that went around. I was, though, a real admirer of Addison, never negative about her and still hope the best for her.
  15. Moriah Formica has a new band, Plush, and has released a preview of their first single on youtube. https://youtu.be/2z_FGeBDdcg Article about the band in Spotlight News - https://spotlightnews.com/thespot/2021/01/22/moriah-formica-debuts-new-all-female-band-plush/
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