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  1. Do we believe this insider? With demo version it felt that this was her song.
  2. Don't believe everything you read on Twitter. If the song is not hers, fans are not gonna play or buy it. This fandom only cares about her singles. She is back, to promote, I think. Eh. So we're only gonna hear her on the chorus? Thank God we have the demo version. ayyyy mamacita. Hahaha "She then inquired if her dad knew Camila Cabello or Taylor Swift." Dad, listen your daughter. Voted.
  3. He didn't give any songwriter credit to her and she wrote the song. He even wrote himself under the song, as a songwriter lol I believe Oh Na Na is her song and will be on the Familia album.
  4. She is on vacation. Her dad has a bday this week. This is an old song of Camila. It's funny to hear it's not her song haha Why do you release a song when you’re on vacation? I hope she is doing a promo this time.
  5. NEW SINGLE OUT THIS FRIDAY Oh Na Na feat MykeTowers and Tainy
  6. Hottie she rocks with this outfit. I'm in love with Havana song again I'm happy she sang Real Friends. Papa Cabello
  7. The best Tiny Desk concertShe's sick and still sounds amazing. Love the look, love her, love all the songs.....I really missed watching her to perform and we got the best version of Senorita solo Camila. We were waiting only two years for this version of the song.
  8. Woooow wooow and again wooow. Girl power. CAN'T WAIT 5 songs today. THUNDER
  9. “We’re all our own special lights that were brought together to do some real special sh*t and who are now doing their own special sh*t,” she says. “I have a lot of love for all of them forever.” On this road as an independent artist I wish her all best. Love the Colors.
  10. She said no to "Anyone". Love the name of the song. Finally. I hope she survives there hehe We need, want tour dates for Europe. Already obsessed with the song.
  11. New song and badass look. Some are saying the song might not be on the album.
  12. One day, Grammy winner. When you're the Legend, you have to be a part of Team Legend. I'm so excited about Tiny Desk.
  13. Wooow. Cool. What happened? What caused that the general audience started buying the song again?
  14. This look reminds me of Lauren. She looks great. Now that Adele is releasing new music, Camila should release her album next year. Queen. Agree what you said about Europe. US look is disaster. If we don't count her street look when she is walking around her house, park,...this is Shawn's influence. He dresses very badly.
  15. I want all of them haha She could teach us some French. SOOOOOO PRETTY LADY her long hair.
  16. Gorgeous Stunning! https://www.instagram.com/p/CUsvegxJYbB/?utm_medium=copy_link Can't wait. I have to watch it.
  17. Camila saw it. Lauren liked it awwwww and Camila liked another Lauren's post on her IG.
  18. She is doing a promo there and a few tv shows, maybe radio too. I was in Spain a few days ago. If only I was there now, so I could meet her. Some are saying Shakira feat Bad Bunny is coming. I hope Camila is a part of this song too. Shakira gave her a follow. That means something. Now we know Camila feat Megan is on the way. Little cutie
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