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  1. The Glamour pics are her best fashion looks yet. I hope her team can come up with some of these in her appearances. I find that she is always at her best in her Europe appearances. I wonder if she is dressed by other people when in Europe.
  2. You should just treat them as clowns at this stage. Whatever is happening there does not reflect the real world.
  3. Is it just me or it looks like Camila is going through something? She looks sad and uninterested lately. It’s not as bad but it is close to her aura during the entire 5h fallout before she left the band.
  4. I feel like we are back to square one because of her not so smart team and label. With proper handling and right decisions, Camila could and should have been debuting songs in the top 10. They wasted everything.
  5. Let’s face it, after Never Be The Same Again, her and her team made really bad decisions. I still think they should push Don’t Go Yet because it will put Camila back on top.
  6. She’ll probably be narrating for sleep like what Harry Styles did.
  7. Used To This needs to be the next single. It’s so beautiful.
  8. She really did not have to apologize again. Camila haters are something else and are bound to hell.
  9. This era has been messy, but the sad thing is her team does not seem to realize that. They made seriously bad and continuously making decisions that harm Camila’s career.
  10. OUT IN NZ NOW!!! Used to This, Easy, and Dream of You are my holy trinity!! Used to This is in a different league. It is a future classic if they play their cards right.
  11. xxxtentacion album releasing the same week as Romance we are getting blocked from no. 1 :|
  12. I’m from NZ. I love Easy so much so Living Proof to me is not on the same level, but still good. This album sounds is not the same vulnerable ‘CAMILA’. Might be the vocals and production but still amazing so far. Easy is still my favorite out of the tracks
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