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  1. 25 @Facebook Live with KNCI Sacramento (12:45 PM CT) - KNCI Couch Concert 25 Facebook: @973theEAGLE WGH (Virginia Beach, VA) 1:20 PM - 25 Facebook: @951WRNS (New Bern, NC) 1:45 PM - Question: Isn't 12:45PM CT = 1:45PM ET ? If so , how can Scotty be doing KNCI and WRNS at the same time? I must be missing something. would really like to listen to all three. OK, disregard. Just saw Scotty's Twitter post. WRNS is at 1:20PM
  2. Don't know where to put this but here is as good a place as any . Seasons Change - GOLD https://www.riaa.com/gold-platinum/?tab_active=default-award&ar=SCOTTY+MCCREERY&ti=SEASONS+CHANGE SHARE SCOTTY MCCREERY SEASONS CHANGE March 6, 2020 TRIPLE TIGERS ALBUM Release Date Previous Certification(s) | Date(s) Category Type Certified Units Genre MARCH 16, 2018 Gold | March 6, 2020 Standard 0.5 Million COUNTRY
  3. Scotty and In Between finally appeared in 3/6/2020 Mediabase Callout Research this morning. Very good scores for the first week. 2nd lowest negative score for Current songs with 8.3 (Jake Owen has 8.0). Also is one of the top Net Positive . Way to go Scotty. Also In Between has 1 add for next Monday on the Mediabase Add Board.
  4. With no trains, flights out of Ottawa right now are not available. Not even an option. Also was staying at the Hilton across from the casino and had to cancel tonight.
  5. Since Scotty was finally coming to Canada. I booked a trip to Niagara Falls to go see him on February 21 (M&G included). I was going by train because Winter is so unreliable. However, I just now had to cancel my arrangements because no trains are running. Indigenous people and their supporters are blocking access to railway lines across the country, the busiest one being the corridor between Montreal/Ottawa/Toronto. I was leaving on Thursday morning and it is now definite that trains to Toronto will not be running then. It is the 3rd time that I have everything booked and still cannot get to destination. I am so, so disappointed.
  6. Just noticed that I have been voting on the Hot 20 Countdown instead of CMT 12-Pack. Darn.
  7. The link on this page doesn't work for me but If I go to CMT.com vote ,the page comes up for me. Been voting from there.
  8. COUNTRY AIRCHECK 2/13 CRS Ping Pong Showdown Feb 20, 2020 So Scotty took up Ping Pong????? » Over Served: Brett Young, Scotty McCreery, Matt Stell, Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley, Entercom's Tim Roberts, iHeartCountry's Rod Phillips, KKBQ/Houston's Johnny Chiang, KKGO/Los Angeles' Michael Levine, KILT/Houston's Chris Huff, WDAF/Kansas City's Mike Kennedy and iHeart's Gator Harrison are slated to compete in the inaugural CRS Ping Pong Showdown. The tournament-style event takes place Thursday night (2/20) from 10pm-midnight at Nashville's Omni Hotel as part of CRS 2020 after-hours festivities. CRS badge holders are encouraged to watch and drink along in support as "top artists and Country programmers compete to take home the coveted championship trophy." Losers will receive a participation tchotchke. Player slots and sponsorship opportunities are still available; register here.
  9. Agree with you except that those 2 artists are way newer artists than Scotty. He has been on the radar for close to 9 years. At this point , it shouldn't take close to 1 year for a single to peak...... to whatever position. Still find it very frustrating.
  10. There will always be another Blake, FGL, Luke C, Luke Bryan, Thomas, Kane, Jason, Maren, Kelsea and whoever else to fly by Scotty. Hopefully, on his next album , he will have a big collaboration with an" A Lister" country or otherwise, that will bring him to the next level. I hope he will consider it. OK, just frustration coming out.
  11. Now you want an artist like this opening for Scotty. Brett is a Canadian Country artist and he is super good. JANUARY 30th. B R E T T K I S S E L @BrettKissel Absolutely thrilled to be opening for a genuine, authentic, country lovin’, country singin’, salt-of-the-earth human being - @ScottyMcCreery . Haven’t met him yet. But everyone tells me he’s first class. I’ll see y’all in Louisville January 30! Tix: http://louisvillepalace.com https://twitter.com/BrettKissel/status/1217947143316496384
  12. 23 23 Up this week RYAN HURD To A T 2635 2169 466 14.769 ... +15 spins/ +.002 AI 24 24 Up this week SCOTTY MCCREERY In Between 2392 2227 165 12.679 ... +9 spins/ -.037 AI ... w00t.gif 26 25 Up this week GABBY BARRETT I Hope 2301 1891 410 12.18 ... +19 spins/ +.076 AI excl.gif Shouldn't RH be -15 spins and GB be -19 spins It just looks and feels so much better. :)
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