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  1. 1 CAMILA CABELLO Liar Syco/Epic Stations 0 for Living Proof. wonder if we get an add date announced next week with the album being out.
  2. 25 adds at Pop. Top 40 Rank Artist / Album Label TW Adds 1 THE WEEKND Heartless XO/Republic 159 2 ARIZONA ZERVAS Roxanne Arizona Zervas/Columbia 30 3 BILLIE EILISH everything i wanted Darkroom/Interscope 27 4 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border Atlantic 25 12 seconds of this one. https://twitter.com/Camila_Cabello/status/1...999876533424129 camila@Camila_Cabello 3. should've said It 6:01 PM · Dec 3, 2019
  3. Camila doing a preview of the track list of Romance .My Oh My which is track 4 could get it's first preview. i have not heard most of the others either though i might listen to the previews at least since it is Camila doing this. https://twitter.com/Camila_Cabello/status/1...940878878814210 camila@Camila_Cabello 1. shameless 2:06 PM · Dec 3, 2019 https://twitter.com/Camila_Cabello/status/1...970455181234182 camila@Camila_Cabello 2. living proof 4:04 PM · Dec 3, 2019 with a little over an hour to go. Top 40 Rank Artist / Album Label TW Adds 1
  4. up to 17 adds at Pop with less than 3 hours to go. Top 40 Rank Artist / Album Label TW Adds 1 THE WEEKND Heartless XO/Republic 86 2 ARIZONA ZERVAS Roxanne Arizona Zervas/Columbia 17 3 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border Atlantic 17
  5. so far the most added at Hot AC. https://hitsdailydouble.com/mediabase_adds_...ails&fmt=A2 Hot AC Rank Artist / Album Label TW Adds 1 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border Atlantic 10 2 TONES AND I Dance Monkey Elektra/EMG 6 final numbers at Hot AC look to be a tie. Hot AC Rank Artist / Album Label TW Adds 1 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border Atlantic 11 2 TONES AND I Dance Monkey Elektra/EMG 11
  6. Lauren coming with a new song on Wednesday. :o snippet at the link. https://twitter.com/LaurenJauregui/status/1...615099624148999 Lauren Jauregui@LaurenJauregui Wednesday. @cleareyesmusic_@drewlove @noliefeldpausch 4:32 PM · Dec 2, 2019 lost her password? https://twitter.com/LaurenJauregui/status/1...618188141842432 Lauren Jauregui@LaurenJauregui Replying to @laurensluxury@cleareyesmusic_and @drewlove I missed u, wow. Lol I’m sorry I literally couldn’t find my password BUT it was AWESOME for my mental health sooooo 4:44 PM · Dec 2, 2019
  7. 3 adds so far this week with add day being tomorrow. https://hitsdailydouble.com/mediabase_adds_...ails&fmt=H1 Top 40 Rank Artist / Album Label TW Adds 1 THE WEEKND Heartless XO/Republic 41 2 ARIZONA ZERVAS Roxanne Arizona Zervas/Columbia 12 3 BLACKBEAR Hot Girl Bummer Beartrap/Alamo/Interscope 5 4 ANT SAUNDERS Yellow Hearts Arista 3 5 ED SHEERANSouth Of The Border Atlantic 3
  8. finally a performance of Dancing With A Stranger. :o now we need a full video. here is about a minute of it. https://twitter.com/sitenormanibr/status/1201334272981946369 full version if this stays up. SPhJnZmd4xw
  9. looks like Normani did not perform Dancing With A Stranger during her set . hopefully she will come out and do it during Sam's set.
  10. they came in 4th place and actually did a cover of Normani's Motivation on the show.they were on Simon's team. :shifty: RmTeYWKoC_E
  11. saw this on Twitter about the girl group V5 from the recent UK X Factor. they almost look like 5H except there are 2 Dinah's and no Normani. https://twitter.com/lipznclitz/status/1201244983375872001
  12. South Of The Border remix #29 on itunes. :o South of the Border iTunes: #3 Niger #18 Australia #20 United Kingdom #20 Ireland #21 New Zealand #24 Netherlands #29 United States #37 Germany #42 Canada #43 Belgium #52 Switzerland #57 Italy #60 Mexico #73 Indonesia #75 Poland #107 Denmark #119 Singapore #127 Qatar #130 Denmark #154 Spain #156 United States #193 Canada #199 Slovenia #234 France #381 South Africa Spotify: #13 Ireland #14 United Kingdom #18 Australia #23 Netherlands #24 Singapore #25 New Zealand #26 M
  13. hope the haters at atrl don't see that one . it might give them some ideas. :shifty:
  14. no but i am hoping since we have not got one yet.if they don't perform it together either one or both could be doing it solo.
  15. Normani is doing a few radio shows in the coming days. the one tomorrow in Tampa FL will also include Sam Smith. hopefully we get a performance of Dancing With A Stranger. they are also doing a show together on December 6th in Inglewood CA. on December 5th we could get a Normani and Ally reunion at the show in San Jose CA also Bazzi is performing there so maybe we will find out then if they have a collab coming. also on December 7th a concert in Rosemont Illinois which could give us a Normani and Camila reunion.
  16. South Of The Border acoustic remix is up to #45 on itunes. also Camila has 2 banners on itunes. one for the album pre order and the other for the New Music Daily concert.
  17. acoustic version with Ed and Camila without Card. :o https://twitter.com/CCUpdater/status/1200288942010097664 Camila Updater@CCUpdater Ed Sheeran has released an Acoustic version of ‘South of the Border’ ft. @Camila_Cabello! Buy it on iTunes here: ‎South of the Border (feat. Camila Cabello) [Acoustic] - Single by Ed Sheeran ‎Album · 2019 · 1 Song music.apple.com 12:42 AM · Nov 29, 2019 KqkEszZcqyA edit some of Camila's performance with Kacey Musgraves. https://twitter.com/heavenly_camila/status/...319187245137920
  18. :sorcerer: https://open.spotify.com/album/0KY2QQMpqsy1tOyNhr4zxI https://music.apple.com/us/album/rockin-aro...11?i=1488044700 dT38ldyuHN4
  19. 47B7vSBd1mY&feature=youtu.be in case that does not stay up though not as good sound quality. https://twitter.com/AllyBrookeOn/status/1200241228895399942
  20. Ally on tv tonight. pic with my favorite Spice Girl. https://twitter.com/AllyBrooke/status/1200134659746586624 Ally Brooke@AllyBrooke GIRL POWER! ✌ Still not over the moment when I got to see one of my icons... BABY SPICE! Make sure to catch us on The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration TONIGHT at 8/7c on @ABCNetwork! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE 2:29 PM · Nov 28, 2019 https://twitter.com/AllyBrookeOn/status/1200107900296945668 Ally Brooke Online@AllyBrookeOn Catch Ally's performance of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” at Magical Holiday C
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