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  1. Normani performed at the Streamy Awards last night. H2LF-i73bUY&feature=emb_title nothing is coming till at least January so we might have to wait for one.
  2. looks like Camila might not be doing any of the New Years Eve shows . she plans on being in Canada with Shawn. hopefully she will tape something ahead . https://people.com/music/camila-cabello-new...h-shawn-mendes/
  3. from the atrl insider looks like the Dua collab was not the one hinted at.   On ‎12‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 10:41 AM, Chemical X. said: Hello :heart2: @professor2000 when you mentioned a new collab before the new year, was it the upcoming Dua/Normani song? Or does she have something else (possibly with Bazzi)? :eli:   6 hours ago, professor2000 said: Nope! Lol. I’m wondering if it’s pushed back to January now. Feel like it should’ve been announced already, especially given the vehicle in which it’ll appear. But yeah, complete opposite end of the spectrum in terms of genr
  4. HDD final numbers . #3 is not bad . https://hitsdailydouble.com/sales_plus_streaming HITS TOP 50 Updated Daily Tuesday-Friday Chart Date: 12/13/2019 (WEEK ENDING: 12/12/2019) MARKETSHARE: UMG 55% SME 27% WMG 14% OTHER 4% Status: Final LW TW ARTIST | TITLE | LABEL TOTAL CHANGE ALBUMS TEA SEA -- 1 RODDY RICCH | PLEASE EXCUSE ME FOR BEING ANTI-SOCIAL ATLANTIC 100,902 -- 2,487 731 97,684 -- 2 THE WHO | WHO INTERSCOPE 90,837 -- 89,921 150 766 -- 3 CAMILA CABELLO | ROMANCE SYCO/EPIC 80,118 -- 45,006 2,396 32,716 2 4 POST MALONE | HOLLYWOOD'S BLEED
  5. looks like the ad with Living Proof stopped airing December 9th . :shifty: Data is based on life of ad, unless indicated otherwise National Airings 865 First Airing unlock Last Airing 12/9/2019 Creatives 1 Recently Aired On Martin on VH1
  6. Normani giving Nicki Minaj an award at the Billboard Woman In Music event. https://twitter.com/archivenormicki/status/...361223723814912 edit mentioning Normani in her speech. https://twitter.com/archivenormicki/status/...378724906127366
  7. it should been put on New Music daily last Friday but was not and was instead added about 2 days ago. it was up to the 3rd highest when removed. the other songs above it were also removed but they were listed the whole week. performance was great so hopefully it can still go top 10.
  8. the skit. 9afhwb6rIZw was removed from New Music Daily after being there about 2 days.
  9. Fallon on for me now . Camila as part of a skit with Ryan Reynolds. :o
  10. it looks like it has not been confirmed by either but is a leak. it might be better to wait till after the new year with the freeze coming.
  11. keeps gaining.4 and a half hours to Fallon. 18 +27 Camila Cabello - My Oh My (feat. DaBaby)
  12. a few weeks ago an insider hinted of a Normani collab with a recent popular artist . they said it was not Lizzo and i thought it might be Bazzi. looks like it could be Dua Lipa. :o snippet in the video sounds good. aCd6irZXyNs&feature=emb_title edit from Pop Buzz.Normani has their #1 and #6 song of the year. https://www.popbuzz.com/music/features/best...gs-of-the-year/ 1) Normani - 'Motivation' Every single second of 'Motivation' is perfectly crafted. The harmonies on "Get you naked but I won't tell 'em'" in the second verse, the way she emp
  13. about 3 days ago before the Tik Tok promo it was #134 on itunes and now #20. :o hopefully Fallon could push it into the top 10.
  14. according to this 27,040 videos have been made based on the song. :o
  15. My Oh My up to #40 on US itunes. My Oh My iTunes: #2 Ecuador #9 Greece #18 Brazil #23 South Africa #38 Mexico #40 United States #73 Indonesia #79 Germany #91 Italy #92 Canada #103 Malaysia #125 Qatar #126 Turkey #139 Switzerland #151 Austria #155 Australia #170 Azerbaijan #206 Russia #211 United Kingdom Spotify: #24 Hong Kong #39 Canada #41 Bulgaria #42 Greece #42 Lithuania #48 Worldwide #51 Romania #53 India #55 United States #57 Hungary #57 New Zealand #60 Australia #65 Ireland #68 Singapore #74 Slovakia #7
  16. Normani has 2 songs on Billboard's top 100 songs of 2019 chosen by their staff. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/lis...of-2019-top-100 27. Normani, "Motivation" Britney and Rihanna have been quiet, Beyoncé has been experimenting, and Gaga has shapeshifted beyond the confines of the outré-pop that defined her turn-of-the-decade coming out party. So it’s been a while since a new, fully formed pop star delivered a perfectly choreographed, hook-laden, danceable banger as well-executed as Normani did with her first sans-feature solo single, “Motivation.” The track throws bac
  17. Camila has 2 songs on Billboard's top 100 songs of 2019 chosen by their staff. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/lis...of-2019-top-100 18. Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendes, "Señorita" Arguably the year’s steamiest song, the second collaboration by the young pop star duo is a fantasy romp that conjures up a sweaty and memorable encounter in South Beach. The mid-tempo Latin track is lightweight but a grown-up evolution for both Mendes, a former Vine star, and Cabello, the former Fifth Harmony belter. With eight writers sharing credit, it would seem like it should be a few
  18. Normani has a Christmas song in an ad for the NBA. :o we need a full version or another actual Christmas song. :shifty: https://twitter.com/ThePopHub/status/1204861437681766402 The Pop Hub@ThePopHub Normani can be heard singing a new original piece “Ballin’ in a Christmas Wonderland”, which is a basketball-themed take on the classic Christmas song “Winter Wonderland” in a new ad for the NBA. From NBA 3:32 PM · Dec 11, 2019·
  19. Camila posted another clip of My Oh My on Tik Tok. https://twitter.com/LaurmilaUpdates/status/...594650075553793 https://www.tiktok.com/@camilacabello?u_cod...amp;source=h5_m Camila Cabello @camilacabello #myohmy #myohmychallenge My Oh My- Camila Cabello feat. DaBaby 459.6k likes · 2k comments itunes 84 +27 Camila Cabello - My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) Apple 66 +15 Camila Cabello - My Oh My (feat. DaBaby)
  20. updated predictions. https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=319165 Tuesday, December 10, 2019 TOP 20: WHO WILL BE AT THE TOP OF THE CHART? A strong overall Top 20 with nearly 30k in activity required for entry this week. It looks like Roddy Ricch pulls out the win with strong streams. Roddy Ricch (Atlantic) 85-95k total activity, 1-3k albums The Who (Interscope) 80-90k, 79-89k Camila Cabello (SYCO/Epic) 70-80k, 50-55k Frozen 2 (Walt Disney) 65-70k, 27-30k Juice WRLD - Goodbye & Good Riddance (Grade A/Interscope) 60-65k, <1k
  21. as of now that is Hot AC that has an add date but Pop will most likely add it as well since it fits that format more.
  22. South Of The Border got 40 adds at Pop this week which is more than the 25 it got last week which was it's add week. https://www.allaccess.com/mediabase/q/repor...tored/format/H1 AIRPLAY ADD BOARD Mediabase Top 40 Monitored Reporters Last updated: Dec 10, 2019 at 3:15 PM Adds Artist Title Label Stations 169 HARRY STYLES Adore You Columbia Stations 56 BILLIE EILISH everything i wanted Darkroom/Interscope Stations 40 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border Atlantic Stations also. :shifty: 1 CAMILA CABELLO Easy Syco/Epic Stations 1 CAMILA CABELLO
  23. itunes US 96 +33 Camila Cabello - My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) Apple US 72 +14 Camila Cabello - My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) https://twitter.com/cchartscabello/status/1...522618038243328 Camila Charts@cchartscabello “My Oh My” climbed 15 positions on Spotify Worldwide and re-entered the Top 50. 5:05 PM · Dec 10, 2019 https://twitter.com/cchartscabello/status/1...484815929643010 Camila Charts@cchartscabello 'Romance' on Metacritic: 85 — Variety 80 — Rolling Stone 80 — Independent UK 80 — AllMusic 67 — COS 60 — The Observer 60 — Exclaim 60
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