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  1. could be the interview but amazing for Lauren. edit 6 in the top 10. edit
  2. Lauren has the top 2 songs on itunes in Brazil. Lento iTunes: #1 Brazil #2 Gambia #56 Mexico #199 Gambia Apple Music: #55 Brazil Expectations iTunes: #2 Brazil edit Expectations is now #1 in Brazil. https://kworb.net/charts/itunes/br.html 1 NEW Lauren Jauregui - Expectations
  3. still #1 on itunes in Brazil and Chile . Lento iTunes: #1 Brazil #1 Chile #2 Gambia #26 Mexico #199 Gambia Apple Music: #46 Brazil
  4. good interview with Lauren talking about new music that is coming.it starts at 6:35 . https://www.instagram.com/p/CKXHVIcApSx/
  5. looks like it might have peaked in the US. it hit #1 in 3 countries. Lento iTunes: #1 Brazil #1 Chile #2 Gambia #4 Mexico #90 Belgium #90 Brazil #147 Spain #199 Gambia #696 United States Apple Music: #26 Brazil ww debut for today. 180 NEW Lauren Jauregui, Pabllo Vittar & Brabo - Lento 1 180 1252 +1103
  6. final remix is out. Lento iTunes: #1 Brazil #1 Gambia #23 Philippines #73 Brazil #198 Gambia #288 Belgium edit Lento iTunes: #1 Brazil #1 Gambia #17 Mexico #28 Philippines #78 Brazil #195 Spain #198 Gambia #290 Belgium Apple Music: #140 Brazil edit
  7. Cinderella delayed . hope Covid is a bit under control by then.
  8. snippet. edit a little over 2 hours till the US release. Lento iTunes: #1 Gambia #19 Philippines #198 Gambia #286 Belgium
  9. out in some countries already another remix of Lento. we need something new. Translated from Portuguese by Ah the dragg iiiihh @pabllovittar joined the @LaurenJauregui for a remix of the song "Lento" and we are already looking forward to hearing the result! Get to know all the details of the launch here:http://bit.ly/3p5WW5U charting somewhere though it must be one of the previous versions since it is only 5 hours there ahead of the US east coast. https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/laurenjauregui.html Lento iTunes:
  10. looking forward to the Exotic Bird and more clues to see if it is who i hope it is.
  11. new president and maybe new music from Lauren tomorrow. looks to be from the last era that never got released . edit someone speculated it could be this.
  12. new singer Olivia Rodrigo who could be #1 this week seems to be a Normani fan. Translated from Portuguese by Olivia Rodrigo talks about Normani: “My God, I love Normani! I saw her at the Ariana Grande show and I was like, who is this girl? She did such a good show, I kind of wanted her to stay on stage forever. "
  13. not sure why this was just uploaded . Ally performing her Christmas song probably over 3 weeks ago. https://www.wfaa.com/video/entertainment/television/programs/good-morning-texas/ally-brooke/287-5e82dc22-457a-4236-875d-85d61d178a8d
  14. looks like Normani has been cut from the Dua Lipa collab of If it Ain't Me. rumors of Normani being screwed by her label must be true when it mentioned of other collabs that did not happen. it is over a year since she has released anything. https://fotpforums.com/topic/186395-future-nostalgia-the-moonlight-edition-tracklist/ 12. Fever (feat. Angèle) 13. We're Good 14. Prisoner (Miley Cyrus feat. Dua Lipa) 15. If it Ain't Me 16. That Kind of Woman 17. Not My Problem (feat. JID) 18. Levitating (feat. DaBaby) 19. UN DIA (ONE DAY) [Dua Lipa, J Balvin & B
  15. Camila and Shawn back in Florida after being in Canada for Christmas. http://www.justjared.com/2021/01/16/shawn-mendes-camila-cabello-walk-the-dogs-with-her-parents-in-florida/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9155437/Shawn-Mendes-Camila-Cabello-enjoy-family-outing-Miami-parents-four-dogs.html
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