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  1. it is out. https://twitter.com/AllyBrooke/status/1198828660435902465 Ally Brooke@AllyBrooke IT'S HERE!! My NEW SINGLE #NoGood is now available everywhere!! This is my favorite single so far and I am SO HAPPY the world can finally hear it! Hope you guys love it as much as I do Download and stream it here: https://allybrooke.lnk.to/NoGoodTA 12:00 AM · Nov 25, 2019 azo1XPqwwUc&feature=youtu.be No Good iTunes: #23 Brazil #36 Israel #95 Portugal #151 Sweden #463 Turkey
  2. a little over an hour till the US release. No Good iTunes: #33 Israel #454 Turkey
  3. thought Shawn was the surprise. :lol: also a bit from the Taylor performance. https://twitter.com/DCUniverseBRA/status/1198803674216255488
  4. the ad. https://twitter.com/Camila_Cabello/status/1...785315944751104 camila@Camila_Cabello did you see it ?!!! Interrupting the AMAs to bring you a little lash paradise @LOrealParisUSA #worthit #lorealparisfamily 9:07 PM · Nov 24, 2019
  5. also debuts at Hot AC. 52 49 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border 113 89 24 0.252
  6. South Of The Border debuts in the top 50 at Pop after Senorita and other songs went recurrent or were purged. . 56 48 ED SHEERAN South Of The Border 413 280 133 2.333
  7. order of performances . 2 more performances before Living Proof.
  8. if this does not stay up there could be others. KSMR2O8eXB4
  9. sound is not very good here. hoping a better video shows up. https://twitter.com/CabelloNotified/status/...776957846073345 Camila Cabello Notified@CabelloNotified | Camila Cabello’s new L’Oréal commercial ft. Living Proof at the #AMAs ! #CamilaOnAMAs 8:34 PM · Nov 24, 2019
  10. Lauren is doing great. if music does not work out she could be an interviewer on a talk show.
  11. lyric video coming tonight. https://twitter.com/AllyBrooke/status/1198753714036568070 Ally Brooke@AllyBrooke Who's around for a #NoGood listening party tonight as the lyric video premieres on @YouTube !? I'll be chatting with y'all in the comments starting at 12a ET/9p PT https://allybrooke.lnk.to/NoGoodTA/youtube 7:02 PM · Nov 24, 2019 edit countdown for the lyric video. azo1XPqwwUc&feature=youtu.be
  12. official announcement of the cover this week. https://twitter.com/Cosmopolitan/status/1198738111464914944 Cosmopolitan@Cosmopolitan PSSSST. We're dropping our Decembuary (that's December / January ) cover on Tuesday at 8 a.m. EST. Think you can guess who our cover ️ is?! Here's a hint. 6:00 PM · Nov 24, 2019
  13. Living Proof is #884 on itunes. Senorita #25. show starts in about 85 minutes.
  14. red carpet link is here. waiting for the Camila and Lauren reunion. :whistling: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1RDxlNdVqXdGL
  15. Lauren is on. :w00t: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1RDxlNdVqXdGL
  16. official red carpet show is on Twitter .maybe we will get a Camila and Lauren reunion. :shifty: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1gqxvgYLrEaKB https://www.newsweek.com/american-music-awa...19-amas-1473572 The official red carpet show, 2019 AMAs Red Carpet Live Presented by Security Benefit, featuring hosts Lauren Jauregi, Sofia Carson, Nick Viall, AJ Gibson, Raja Kumari and Jaymes Vaughan, will air exclusively on Twitter. Fans can log onto the social media app and tune into red carpet interviews with some of the biggest nominees of the night, performers and presenters beginnin
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