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  1. and underneath it all and spiderwebs and just a girl and hella good
  2. yeah it would be better to save Carter's pimp spot for the finale.
  3. so is "Rae" her last name? or is "Bailey Rae" her whole first name? and if so then what is her last name? I have so many questions!
  4. THE LITTLE MIX SONG!!! (I can't listen to this song without thinking of them haha)
  5. WTW and Payge both flopped. Tanner is a non-factor. Bailey Rae Cyrus has this in the bag.
  6. yet another mediocre white girl winner beating multiple better and more exciting dancers. *pretends to be shocked* At least she didn't say the N-word like last years winner, so I guess that's a slight improvement?
  7. Kaitlyn won this season the moment she was announced as being in the cast back in July. She could stumble around the stage like a drunk and would still win lol.
  8. they should have put Kaitlyn and H*nnah both on last season so there would have at least been some suspense about which one would win between the two of them.
  9. ABC better gift a win/mirror ball trophy for Tayshia next year like they did for H*nnah and now Kaitlyn.
  10. so who are considered the frontrunners right now? My mom wants to know who to put on her team on the app lmao
  11. how does this guy know he's the only grandpa there? lol
  12. Jermaine Paul the most shocking and unexpected winner in reality tv history. I remember everyone being convinced he was getting 4th place that night. My jaw dropped so hard lol.
  13. I still don't know which season of American Idol he was allegedly on lol
  14. Ryan Gallagher from Ex on the Beach is on this season??? that's hilarious lol
  15. ohhh I LOVE this idea! someone send this idea to Fox!
  16. yes she was really awkward and stiff most of the time. She had good taste in the acts she gave her golden buzzer to tho lol.
  17. wonder if this means just 1 host or if someone else will be announced later as well
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