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  1. I have an Oster rice cooker, we use it several days a week, I love it, so easy. I sometimes make extra batches and put in freezer bags to grab out to make a quick stir fry with meat and veggies. Sometimes mix white rice, brown rice and quinoa together in there. I want to try adding other things with rice in there and using the steamer thing but haven't yet
  2. the grill looks cool, these make things so easy, I hate peeling potatoes lol
  3. add me please, I liked his audition
  4. he's adorable, and talented, add me please
  5. I thought so too at first, my reaction to the list was
  6. yep, the thread will be up and pinned soon I think source
  7. ^ got a new deep fryer, it basically looks exactly like this one, mine is Elite Gourmet, with 3 baskets, 2 small, 1 large. Loving it so far, I was afraid of getting too much oil in the food, but we fry a lot of stuff and the oil level doesn't go down much at all. Sweet potato fries might be my fave thing to make in there, but we use it for all kinds of stuff, chicken, battered fish, corn dogs, onion rings, taquitos, etc
  8. HAPPY HALLOWEEN post anything about the holiday
  9. those early days here were amazing, it was so packed on Idol show nights you had to keep refreshing to try and get in here because there were too many people. It was chaotic but so much fun.
  10. Gatekeeper iTunes: #175 Mexico #711 United Kingdom #1009 United States
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