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How do you vote? How much of a stan are you?


How much of a stan are you? How do will you vote?  

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  1. 1. How much of a stan are you? How will you vote?

    • I will vote for my snowflake no matter what. Even if they have an horrible performance or didn't sing at all (being in a bathrobe backstage is a must if they don't sing 😁)
    • I will vote for my snowflake if they did a decent job. Even if I believe somebody else did much better.
    • The body of work is more important for me. So even if it's not their best finale I will vote for my snowflake because of all the work they put before.
    • I will have a slight preference for my snowflake. Finale performance matter. They have to be among the best for me to vote for them.
    • Finale Performance is everything. I will vote for the best performance regardless of my preference before. Or I do not have a snowflake so will go with the best.
    • I like to troll so I will vote for the worst or I think the winner have an horrible contract so will vote for someone I don't like to save my snowflake from the contract.
    • I don't vote or I rather not vote if nobody standout for me and/or my snowflake did a bad job.

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I mean I came in a Jacquie stan (still love her though) but I voted for Nini the past 2 weeks so…


Basically if I’m in doubt I default to my favorite but if there’s someone who I clearly thought deserves it based on the performances then I go with that.

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  • Dany changed the title to How do you vote? How much of a stan are you?

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