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Who sang it best: The Voice vs The Four Edition


Pick one  

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  1. 1. Ali Caldwell vs Jordan Smith (set fire to the rain)

  2. 2. Kim Cruse vs Leah Jenea (Best Part)

  3. 3. D. Smooth vs Zhavia (Location)

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1. Set fire to the rain.


I think Jordan finessed the song better (prechorus and softer parts in general) but Ali did the powerful parts better (chorus, climax) 1:05 is one of the few times I didn't particularly enjoy Jordans tone there. Very slight edge to Ali for me.


2. Location


D. Smooth is great here and probably showed a bit more creativity with his version but Zhavia has one of the most distinct tones I've heard in any singing competition and she changed the song a bit as well. Easy choice for me.


3. Best Part.


Oof, another difficult choice. Both very unique voices too. I think Leah stands out a bit more in that department though. Also, I think I just like her voice better for this particular song.


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