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Who Won The KO: S24 Edition



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  1. 1. Deejay Young vs Lila Forde vs Stee

    • Deejay>Stee>Lila
    • Deejay>Lila>Stee
    • Lila>Stee>Deejay
    • Lila>Deejay>Stee
    • Stee>Deejay>Lila
    • Stee>Lila>Deejay
  2. 2. Chechi Sarai vs Tanner Massey vs Rudi

    • Rudi>Chechi>Tanner
    • Rudi>Tanner>Chechi
    • Chechi>Tanner>Rudi
    • Chechi>Rudi>Tanner
    • Tanner>Rudi>Chechi
    • Tanner>Chechi>Rudi
  3. 3. Claudia B vs Huntley vs Noah Spencer

    • Noah>Huntley>Claudia
    • Noah>Claudia>Huntley
    • Huntley>Noah>Claudia
    • Huntley>Claudia>Noah
    • Claudia>Huntley>Noah
    • Claudia>Noah>Huntley

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So this KO poll will be a bit different. The voting options are from strongest to "weakest" performance.


The votes with the contestant that's first in the order will add up to votes for that contestant as a whole.



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Yeah I know, small sample size.


But actually pretty surprised Stee is even with Lila on the poll, and it looks like Stee is virtually never lower than 3rd best of the pairing.


Unsurprising that Rudi is the favourite or 2nd favourite, rarely any votes where she's the third option. 


Huntley and Noah dead even and Claudia is the unanimous 3rd. Not surprising.


As for me, Ive replayed all of Deejay, Lila and Steve's performances quite a bit already so can't even pick. best KO pairing of the season imo.





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