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Megan's KPOP Thread


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KPOP is all I care about now. There wasn't an EXISTING Idolforums thread for KPOP so I am making one. This is a thread for any KPOP songs, stages, groups, etc that I am currently obsessed with. Because I can only text so many people before they get tired of me. LOL. And I can't have like 200 bookmarks on my computer dedicated to the various stages that I like. So they all are going here! If more people join in I can always change the thread title to make it more general. But for now here are my faves.




















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I don't think you can have a thread of favorite stages without starting with maybe the most iconic stage of all time: CL and 2NE1's MAMA 2015 performance. Up until their surprise reunion at Coachella in 2022 this was their last performance as a group.


All labels are enemies, but YG may be the biggest enemy. Especially with how they handle their Girl Groups.

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I'm just watching Queendom so of course I have to include this. Just a solid dance performance. Featuring: Moonbyul (MAMAMOO), Yein (Lovelyz), YooA (Oh My Girl), Soojin ((G)-Idle), Chanmi (AOA), and Eun Ji (Brave Girls standing in for Park Bom) choreographed by Lia Kim

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