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AI21 Semi-Finals (Top 26) Celebrity Mentors

Idol Maniac

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Allen Stone (35) began singing in church as a child. He also has a lot of experience as a musician and songwriter to share with the contestants. Allen finished in fifth place on American Song Contest on 05/09/22. When his mother Sandy was moved to hospice care after a two-year battle with ovarian cancer, Allen decided to tape his finale performance rather than performing live. On 05/12/22, he lost his mother—a breast cancer survivor who died two weeks before her 65th birthday. Allen and his wife Tara welcomed their first child, a son, on 03/29/19. After Allen released a single on 10/04/22, he said: "My wife and I recently had our second child and simultaneously lost my mom to cancer. Since then the reality of life and its preciousness has come into focus. Taking time and making space for the people that matter most are what compels my movement now. My new song 5 Minutes is all about that journey. Taking time to make it slower."

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Allen Stone! He was the one that represented the state of Washington in NBC’s the American Song Contest last year! He entered with the song “A Bit of Both”, made it to the finals, and I remember and believe a lot of the jury panel liked his song entry the best in this competition.

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