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Best performance from the top 16

Sachin Jain

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Morgan-What the world needs now is love

Eric- Exes and ohs

Kate- Rainbow 


Omar- Into the unknown 

Kim- I can’t stand the rain

Parijita- I’d rather go blind 

Sasha- Make it rain

Kevin- Isn’t she lovely

Justin- No more drama

Alyssa- happier than ever

Kique- Hey ya 

Brayden- Mercy

Rowan- Traitor

Bryce- Red dirt road 

bodie- As long as you love me

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8 minutes ago, Ottoxxx said:

There's already a thread for that I reckon?

There is?? 




Bodie - As Long As You Love Me 

Bryce - Goodbye Time 

Brayden - This Town 

Rowan - Fingers Crossed 


Morgan - What The World Needs Now Is Love 

Kate - Anyone 

Eric - Paparazzi (lol) 

Devix - Yellow 


Kique - Hey Ya! 

Alyssa - Happier Than Ever 

Kevin - Isn't She Lovely 

Justin - No More Drama 


Parijita - Jealous 

Omar - Separate Ways 

Kim - I Can't Stand The Rain 

Sasha - Make It Rain


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