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Master Chef - Back To Win

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https://ustvgo.tv/fox-hd-live-streaming/ on now



Back to Win -- Audition Battles (Part 3)

8:00 PM ON FOX 4 • TV-14 • STEREO • CC

With only six aprons left, the judges round out auditions and give a lucky few chefs a chance to return to the "MasterChef" kitchen.

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starts in less than 2 hours

stream link -



Back to Win: Feeding the U.S. Coast Guard

8:00 PM ON FOX  • TV-14 • STEREO • CC

The top 18 travel to the U.S. Coast Guard base in Los Angeles for the first team challenge; the chefs work together to create a lunch for more than 100 men and women; one contestant will be eliminated.

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