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S14, S15, and S16 Spoilers?


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It seems like spoiler threads for all of the seasons before and after these ones are at least somewhat available, but does anyone have any links for any of these seasons’ spoiler threads  (I’m assuming they’re lost) or just remember anything interesting from them?

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Lost :(

mjsbigblog generally copies our thread for the links, etc. prior to the beginning of the seasons so I'm sure the links from the OP can be dug up through old posts on there, but the threads themselves are gone.

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16 minutes ago, ikwonic said:

I need to know whether or not Makenzie Thomas auditioned too late in S15 that JHud was the only one able to turn or if the other coaches were just genuinely too insane to not turn around 😭😭😭

Oh, we didn't have details that deep back then. Specific order and heavily detailed spoilers didn't become a thing until Season 19.

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