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Knockout Predictions?


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My battle predictions were WAY off, but KOs should be easier to predict since there's less people... right? I think I saw GNT and Holly paired up in the trailer, so if they got paired, I'm assuming the coaches have a save this season (unless Kelly is just insane), but I'm going to predict as if they only get one steal and no saves.


Night 1:

K- HOLLY FORBES vs. Girl Named Tom (Stolen by Blake)

J- SAMARA BROWN vs. Sabrina Dias

B- CARSON PETERS vs. Berritt Haynes

A- RAQUEL TRINIDAD vs. Manny Keith

J- BRITTANYBREE vs. Shadale (predicting Shadale gets bussed)

B- WENDY MOTEN vs. Jonathan Mouton (Stolen by John)


Night 2:

A- BELLA DENAPOLI vs. Katherine Anne Mohler

B- LANA SCOTT vs. LiBianca

K- KINSEY ROSE vs. Jeremy Rosado (Stolen by Ariana)


Night 3:

A- KATIE RAE vs. Jim and Sasha

J- SAMUEL HARNESS vs. Joshua Vacanti

A- RYLEIGH PLANK vs. David Vogel


K (montage)- GYMANI vs. Xavier Cornell

B- PEEDY CHAVIS vs. Hailey Green

J- PARIS WINNINGHAM vs. Jershika Maple (Stolen by Kelly)

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1 hour ago, TeamAudra said:

I think the overwhelming majority of members know the spoilers. I could post my predictions, but that wouldn’t be fair, because I know the results. I will say you have quite a few wrong. 🙃

LMAO my "predictions" were more like a manifestation of what I want to happen apart from my prediction that Shadale will be bussed so 🥲

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