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The Buzz with CCX - Season 19 Episode 9


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Oh yeah this is a two night thing.¬†ūüėĀ¬†Luckily I already had my computer booted up and a Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale open. We pick up with the judgment for Alanis Sophia and Casey Bishop, and since the math says we would be running behind otherwise, they both go through. Willie Spence had some sort of health scare in the past year, but he's here now and he's singing about it--"I Was Here" by Beyonc√©. It's good, but kind of underwhelming. The judges disagree with my opinion and give him a standing ovation.


Emisunshine is singing "Piece of My Heart", and much like another contestant who sang that song, she gets better every time. I don't even remember her audition, and I didn't think she was good in the first Hollywood Round, but she's becoming one of my favorites. Lizzy O'Very is singing "Sign of the Times", and the fact that we're shifting so quickly is worrying. Camille Lamb is singing "Feel Like Makin' Love" by Bad Company. I don't remember her at all from before this. Sure enough, all three are gone. Camille is not taking it well. Mary Jo Young is up next, singing "Us" by James Bay. They say she's had some stumbles, and to be honest, I feel like this is her worst performance, but she came right after a triple-no montage without a commercial between so obviously she's going through. I'm not complaining too much, but I don't think she measures up to her competition. We go to commercial without learning that she's in the Top 24.


She does go through, as I expected. Hunter Metts is up next and the amount of lead-up we get makes it evident that he's getting through. Or does it? This absolutely does not deserve to go through. We again get a commercial before the verdict.


Sadly, my prognostication powers are still on point. Hunter's through. I figured as much; the name seemed familiar the moment I heard it in auditions, but it ended up not being spelled the way I thought it was so I thought maybe I was wrong. Next up is Althea Grace, who has decided to...oh, that's when I saw Camille before! She was Althea's duet partner. Given the reaction, I kind of wish Althea hadn't been so professional. Althea did the Beatles' "We Can Work It Out", and it's a very good performance; I think she deserves to stick around even though part of me wants her to go home so she can be with her sick daughter. Katy thinks it was a bad song choice. I disagree. Well, she is going home, so it all works out.


Next up are Ronda and Funke. Neither goes through. Grace Kinstler is up, and she sings Demi Lovato's "Father". She feels like it might not have been the best song choice, but it was important to her because losing her father was a defining experience in her life. As someone who lost my father fairly recently, I'm holding back tears right now. She's in the Top 24.


DeShawn Goncalves is doing "Over the Rainbow", and it's beautiful and soulful and of course he goes through. But somehow we still have enough time for judge shenanigans? Colin Jamieson, the former boy band member, is doing "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" by Fall Out Boy. It's not good at all, though he does manage the impressive feat of making the lyrics even more incomprehensible than Patrick Stump does. I'm surprised to learn that he's gone through.


Laila Mach and Ava August are our two youngest contestants. Ava's doing an original, because the judges said she can't be safe any longer. Laila says she's been less and less nervous each time, but she feels that an original would've been risky in a bad way, so she's doing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. Points off to the editors for the clumsy jump forward, but nothing wrong with Laila's performance. Or Ava's. Ava moves through...but Laila doesn't!


Oh dear, I haven't been paying much attention. Hopefully it's just a rejected contestant, but it sounded like a good one...nope, it is a reject. Nia. Next, it's time to get Liahona's verdict. She's doing "Me Too" by Megan Trainor...okay, this is the type of appalling performance that used to be included as Cowell fodder. But then again, from the moment she got passed through as a part of a brother-sister duo I'd been feeling like she's this season's Sanjaya. This performance just cements it. And the judges comments are nothing but positive. I can't believe this.


Madison Watkins is doing "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown. I didn't even realize she was still in this. It's an impressive performance but I don't think it'll be enough, but then again I haven't really been counting yesses tonight. I'm wrong, though; she's through. Alana is doing "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmine Sullivan. She goes through, and so does Anilee List--okay, sure, now we're at the part of the show where Ryan just tells us the advancers. We still see her performance--"Ain't Nobody" by Rufus and Chaka Khan.


Cecil Ray and Drake McCain are our final two contestants. One will stay and one will go. Drake's been here before, and he's doing a Luke Bryan song, "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)". It's not a great performance; he seems to be fading out. I still haven't been paying that much attention so I kind of missed Cecil's, but forgettable is better than bad. ...Oh, wait, we hadn't seen him yet. "Beyond" by Leon Bridges. Oh, I take it back; this is bad. I'd rather have some other contestants back, but if I had to pick one of them, I guess it'd be Drake. But nope, it's Cecil.

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11 hours ago, ScarletDevilCCX said:

She's doing "Me Too" by Megan Trainor...okay, this is the type of appalling performance that used to be included as Cowell fodder. But then again, from the moment she got passed through as a part of a brother-sister duo I'd been feeling like she's this season's Sanjaya. This performance just cements it.

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