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A Thread For American Idol Contestants Who Lost Their Lives Too Young


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1. Michael Johns

2. Rickey Smith

3. Leah LaBelle

4. Nikki McKibbin

5. Joanne Borgella

6. Marque Lynche

7. Paula Goodspeed

8. Alexis Cohen

9. Danny Parker

10. Jessika Baier

11. Haley Smith

There have been a number of American Idol contestants who have died so young and I think this is a good thread for people to write about them. Like favorite performances, songs, videos, etc. Anyone can share anything they want in here about those contestants. This thread is being made so it doesn’t seem like we are talking about other American Idol contestants in the thread for Nikki McKibbin who recently passed away. If there is an American Idol that passed away that wasn’t mentioned in this post, then you can also add their name in this thread.

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Also, Paula Goodspeed (American Idol Season 5), Alexis Cohen (American Idol Season 7 and American Idol Season 8), Danny Parker (American Idol Season 3), and Jessika Baier (American Idol Season 8). These four contestants didn't make it to Hollywood. Haley Smith from American Idol Season 11 as well. Haley Smith made it to Hollywood Week, but did not make it through Hollywood Round 2/Group Round.

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6 hours ago, The Ghost of Weedy Speedy said:

Wanted to give Rickey some love, since he was one of my season 2 favorites. There aren't any convenient videos on YouTube of his best performances, but here he is singing with Melinda:




With Melinda Doolittle you mean right?  They did great singing together.

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