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Poll:Rank These KO/CB Runner-up Edition

Hamza Tufail

Poll:Rank These KO/CB Runner-up Edition  

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  1. 1. 1- Which KO Do you Like The Most ? ( Batch 1 )

    • S3: Terry McDermott~Maybe I'm Amazed
    • S4: Michelle Chamuel~Raise Your Glass
    • S5: Jaquie Lee~Stompa
    • S7:Matt McAndrew~Drops Of Jupiter
    • S8: Meagan Linsey~Natural Woman
    • S9: Emily Ann Roberts~Cowboy Take Me Away
    • S10:Adam Wakefield~Bring It On Home To Me
  2. 2. 2- Which KO/CB Do You Like The Most ? ( Batch 2 )

    • S11: Billy Gilman~Fight Song
    • S12: Lauren Duski~When You Say Nothing At All
    • S13: Addison Agen~Beneath Your Beautiful
    • S14: Britton Buchanon~New York State Of Mind
    • S15: Chris Kroeze~Burning House
    • S16:Gyth Rigdon~Goodbye Time
    • S17: Ricky Duran~She Talks To Angels
    • S18: Toneisha Harris~Diamonds

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Batch 1:


1- Bring It On Home To Me _ Adam Wakefield

2- Natural Woman _ Meagan Linsey

3- Stompa _ Jaquie Lee

4- Cowboy Take Me Away _ Emily Ann Roberts

5- Drops Of Jupiter _ Matt McAndrew


Batch 2:


1- Fight Song _ Billy Gilman

2- She Talks To Angels _ Ricky Duran

3- When You Say Nothing At All _ Lauren Duski

4- Beneath Your Beautiful _ Addison Agen

5- Burning House _ Chris Kroeze




1- Bring It On Home To Me _ Adam Wakefield

2- Fight Song _ Billy Gilman

3- She Talks To Angels _ Ricky Duran

4- When You Say Nothing At All _ Lauren Duski

5- Beneath Your Beautiful _ Addison Agen

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Lauren did one of my all-time favorite songs, so she wins her "batch" for me. Meanwhile up in Batch One I was a bit torn between Michelle and Jacquie - I like both of their KOs, but I had to give it to Michelle given I love P!nk a lot, but vocally Jacquie was also really strong here so it wasn't an immediate decision the way picking Lauren was in Batch Two.

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