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[Spoilers] AI18 TOP20 Original songs


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I search all the top 20 names on spotify and find some of them have some original stuff.


To my surprise, I quite like Dillon James works. Lauren M's new album is too traditional for me but country music lover have to give it a listen. The Grace Leer Band as well.


There's only one song from Sophie, and it's pretty catchy, I love her voice.   I'm not that into Julia's songs, not my style maybe.


Makayla got some good melodic songs but I''m not sure about her voice. All Lauren S-S's stuff are covers.


Arthur's cool songs are all in non-english.  I honestly think Jonny is the most talented musician among the top 20, all of his songs are well-produced.  "Moment" is giving me chills btw.


Franklin got some  typical soul tunes.  Louis is also very talented one, Just Kiss Me is radio friendly catchy.  Nick's Save Your Love is good but I still can't get over his pompous personality.


Okay that's all I can find on spotify. Quick conclusion, Jonny, Dillon and Louis are must listen.

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