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Survivor Spoilers - Read at Your Own Risk


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On 5/7/2020 at 11:08 AM, Elliott said:

Season 41 casting rumours, speculation, etc. Take with a grain of salt but they're from people who are pretty accurate at spoiling things:


-Another second chance or legends season, likely with an Old School v New School twist because that worked out so well this season smh

-They've reached out to John Carroll (Marquesas), Neleh Dennis (Marquesas), Gretchen Cordy (Borneo), Greg Buis (Borneo), Robb (Thailand) and Burton (Pearl Islands).

-Jenna Lewis (Borneo) has also been contacted (leading to the speculation it's not entirely Second Chances redux), as well as T-Bird (Africa)..

-Sean Rector (Marquesas) has not been contacted.

-Someone else mentioned Gina Crews and - big gasp - Natalie White have also been approached to return.

Ahhh I hope this is right! Lots of amazing people on here!!! 

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It gets rumoured a lot so who knows if there's any truth to it, but steam seems to be picking up on Survivor-specific social media accounts that S41 will be a BvW-esque politically divided season.

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