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  1. As a huge Disney fan, I hope Disney night never goes away. I don't think they will ever get rid of it because it is the perfect corporate synergy. However, It seems like they choose from the same list of 20 Disney songs every year. Here's hoping they will get to do some different Disney songs this season. I don't need to hear "Colors of the Wind", "How Far I'll Go" or "You Got a Friend in Me" on Idol ever again. Some songs I would like to see done: "He Lives in You" from The Lion King on Broadway "So Close" from Enchanted "Go the Distance" from Hercules "You're
  2. Thankfully there are two performance shows a week this season so hopefully the cuts won’t be as steep every round.
  3. I wonder if there will be a Disney Night this year because a lot of these Oscar songs are Disney songs. Some of the (non Disney) songs I can see the contestants doing: Stand Up from Harriet (Alyssa) All the Stars from the Black Panther (Alyssa or Alanis) Mystery of Love from Call Me By Your Name (Beane) City of Stars from La La Land (Wyatt or Hunter) Audition from La La Land (Cassandra, Alanis or Ava) Writings on the Wall from Spectre Earned It from Fifty Shades of Grey (Grace or Madison) Lost Stars from Begin Again (Hunter or Chayce)
  4. Yeah, I think it’s because IWALY wasn’t originally written for the Bodyguard.
  5. When I first heard about the twist, I wasnt too crazy about it. However, after hearing about what the format might be, it has grown on me. Now hear me out. By the time the twist gets introduced and the ten season 18 hopefuls perform on the Idol stage on April 19, the S19 contestants will have performed almost the same amount of times as last years contestants. Barring a possible Arthur Gunn voting sweep, the S19 contestants will have gained some momentum with the viewers and the contestants will be at a pretty even playing field. I'm assuming that a "few" means 3 or 4 contestants will join the
  6. I have to disagree, the show isnt about finding great singers. Yes, singing ability is one piece of the equation, but at the end of the day they are trying to find artists that will succeed in the industry. How successful an artist is after the show is dependent on how much the label pushes them, it has nothing to do with the show. I do want to argue that Alejandro has made a dent in the industry. After coming off Idol, he has performed sold out shows across the country.
  7. Having a great voice is only one piece of puzzle. Artistry is more important and will take you farther in the industry. Many people in the industry have mediocre voices but are very successful because of their songwriting acumen.
  8. Now that I think about it, I agree. These are the worst contestants of the Top 20 last season. The better ones have already gotten signed. I think the only reason theyre doing this is cause they need performers to fill the two hour Monday night shows without the overkill of making contestants perform two nights in a row.
  9. Hahah this is exactly what I was thinking! This is something that would work for Big Brother, not Idol!
  10. WOW these spoiler announcements just keep getting weirder and weirder. I know Ryan has to go back to NY for Live with Kelly and Ryan but I thought they might’ve made arrangements for him to stay an extra day. If this is true, this means there won’t be any live voting during the episode and results will be announced the week after. Also, when it gets down to the final few contestants, I wonder how they are going to crank out enough performances to fit two-two hour shows.
  11. Thank you so much for this, this was such an interesting read! You have so much knowledge on not only music performance but also Idol history/ trends and reality TV in general. Definitely looking forward to reading more from you!
  12. My theory is that, if this twist is true, this years Top 24 will be whittled down to 12 and perform on April 18. One person will be eliminated at the end of the episode. On Monday April 19, the ten from last year will perform and one person will be eliminated. The groups will continue to alternate performing on Sundays/Mondays until they eventually merge. This will make it so that the contestants don't each have to perform two songs each week.
  13. Yeah i agree, I think theyre most likely gonna go with that format. Gives viewers more of an incentive to watch. I feel for the contestants though, two performances a week and theyre really gonna have to be on their A game
  14. Yeah, you're right. I just edited the schedule. Do you think there's any way theyre gonna go back to announcing the results at the beginning of the episode?
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