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  1. There's a spot for wildcard from the judges in the semis, who do you think is gonna take it?
  2. I'm glad brooke went through. The 2nd semifinals are so tight with Brooke, 1achord, Lèa Kyle, Chapkidz, Northwell choir, Dustin.
  3. I think she's pretty good. Arianators love Kelly and may vote for her and since she was on Ari's team, might be an advantage.
  4. So we're still going to have 5 in the finale according to wikipedia.
  5. Unless they get a dedicated fan like me(Kenyan) who has to stay up all night till 3am for it to air and vote using vpn.
  6. Also a lot of Ariana's fans reside outside USA. I keep seeing lots of comments asking how to watch full episodes outside USA.
  7. They'll probably realise how to vote when one of team Ari is eliminated during IS.
  8. I've always wondered. When contestants are called to step forward by Terry during results, how do they know where to stand?
  9. I was so eager to see her on the live shows
  10. So I don't if they are doing away with judge cuts just for this season because olympics would've taken that slot and it would've been too late to return for Judge cuts after that.
  11. Yeah I read somewhere. Then return for live shows.
  12. Usually 6 and the 7th one a recap of auditions. I read there won't be judge cuts this season.
  13. I can't imagine the pressure and excitement at the same time. Good luck to them.
  14. Brooke Simpson's audition airs next week on Agt
  15. I've noticed Ariana isn't doing those long ponytails anymore.
  16. I read on Wikipedia Agt is scheduled for 10pm. What's airing at 8?
  17. I watched this. Kelly being blocked for Johny Manuel was so brutal.
  18. That would be interesting. Seeing two blocks for a single performance.
  19. Nightbirde's audition has 64M views on Fb and 10M on YouTube. Never seen such a recwption before. Her live version of "It's Ok" is number 1 on itunes.
  20. Nighbirde was by far my favourite tonight. I also like Korean soul, Patrick the magician and those French guys with the towel. I can't wait to see Brooke Simpson. Did she get a golden buzzer?
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