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  1. https://www.facebook.com/NBCTheVoice/videos/280128244075957/ 3.2M views already on announcement video on fb
  2. Since GNT'S winner announcement, their following has increased tremendously. They are at 112k followers at IG. Also the views on their performances.
  3. GNT was so good. Unlike most minivan bait contestants, they were appreciated by almost everyone. They also had good numbers on YouTube above everyone with some few performance exceptions. I understand the hate comments on sm since they were neck to neck situation with Wendy.
  4. Spoiler. People on twitter already know who the winner is. Apparently the voice app already highlighted winner on one act and removed it later. There a lot of screenshots.
  5. It's just my wish. I know it's pretty hard to do that and it also requires an able PR team.
  6. Hailey is quite marketable since she does these current songs. I would be happy if she releases good songs and become as big as Olivia or Billie.
  7. Does the host chooses who they want as guests? I wish Kelly would bring more of voice artists since she relate more.
  8. I'm rootng for GNT to win. They've been consistently good throughout the competition. Side note. Why doesn't the voice winners make it big like at least those on American Idol? Chayce's single sold a lot and made it to Billboards top 5.
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