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  1. Brooke Simpson's audition airs next week on Agt
  2. I read on Wikipedia Agt is scheduled for 10pm. What's airing at 8?
  3. I watched this. Kelly being blocked for Johny Manuel was so brutal.
  4. That would be interesting. Seeing two blocks for a single performance.
  5. Nightbirde's audition has 64M views on Fb and 10M on YouTube. Never seen such a recwption before. Her live version of "It's Ok" is number 1 on itunes.
  6. Nighbirde was by far my favourite tonight. I also like Korean soul, Patrick the magician and those French guys with the towel. I can't wait to see Brooke Simpson. Did she get a golden buzzer?
  7. Watch the auditions blindly, Lmao. I bet most of them don't know anything about the voice.
  8. I've been wanting to ask. What does TPTB and TCOs mean?
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