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  1. He's now at 1M views. I can't wait to see when Gymani blind airs, the views will skyrocket.
  2. There's always these sort of comments and last year was even worse when the poetry guy won. Many said it was political.
  3. OMG! Dustin was my favourite, I'm glad he won.
  4. Yees, Brooke, Aidan and Dustin in the top 5. All my favourites
  5. Yeah, the last note, I don't know maybe she placed the mic far from her. But overall it was good though
  6. Northwell Nurse Choir is closing. Their performance was the most viewed last week on Facebook by a mile and had most likes. They could be winners.
  7. She's performing with Bishop Briggs tomorrow as she's one of the listed guests on wiki.
  8. Imagine seeing Brooke in the top 5, then top 3 and finally a winner. The world would heal
  9. I believe the main challenge for her rn is Josh Blue, Nurse choir and Dustin.
  10. I'm happy for Brooke, I didn't expect her to be among the top 3. If she can gather such votes with an Ed Sheeran song, she may win if she tries a powerful ballad or a gospel song that shows her vulnerability. I'm confident she'll be in the top 5 or even top 3. I don't see any of the instant saves surpassing her. Please AGT, give her a good song next I'm so happy regardless.
  11. 4 out 5 singers eliminated in the first semifinals.
  12. I guessed Jimmie would be in the instant save. Taekwondo would have been eliminated if the judges tied since ichael was 2nd after Jimmie in the votes. For the magician, he's among my favourites. I just love how he does it with story telling.
  13. No one mentioned this but his performance was incredible. His tone, range and passion, I'm living for. I love his shows too.
  14. I want her to be in the top 5 so bad. I hope she sings minivan friendly songs
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