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  1. I don't know if this was answered somewhere but how did she get a save? Isn't a save allowed only after there's no steal?
  2. This season has a lot of blacks and groups. I love the versatility
  3. Or they could have changed the dynamics a little bit and became as good as this. Or Camilla is just an incredible singer.
  4. Jim and Sasha are now live on IG. https://instagram.com/glaad/live/17948276617546338?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. I loved it. Maybe because I'm a Livie. But I loved how he changed the dynamics and hit tone.
  6. Chavon surpasses GNT on YT with 1.5M. Arianators on twitter really loved his audition and see him as the winner.
  7. It seems female country singers don't get good reception from minivan as compared to male singers.
  8. Samuel is already 1.3M views on FB. Minivan is liking him. At least I can see him in the semifinals if not finale.
  9. I'm still waiting for when we get a 4 chair turn and John doesn't mention it
  10. Tons of comments already declaring him the winner. They don't know what's coming.
  11. Yeah, mostly John. He clearly said he would keep the lane for him like Bailey Rae's.
  12. Kelly's POs team is stacked. If there's Top 13, I want 4 of Kelly's team to take that position. GNT, Hailey, Gymani. I can't decide between Jeremy and Brittany as of now.
  13. I would say this season has good reception on social media compared to last two seasons. Already 6 auditions with over 1M views on YT in less than a week. One with over 2M.
  14. I believe GNT is Kelly's frontrunner since she really likes them and the reception from the audience is really good. Their audition has most positive comments and having grown together singing, they can really pull this off. Their harmonies are on point and in tune. As of Jim and Sasha, I'll have to see the other team members but the reception is positive apart from a few who think it's unfair for groups.
  15. Artist YT FB IG GNT 1.1M 2.4M 411k Gymani 1.7M 976k 135k Jim & Sasha 560k 465k 506k Wendy 645k 468k 99k Lana 372k 435k 77k Peedy 661k 1.3M 111k Paris 271k 236K 91k Samuel 413k 855k 93k Gymani really strong on YT and FB. GNT pretty solid on YT and FB. Peedy & Samuel pretty good reception on FB.
  16. Olivia's impact this year But still waiting for that good 4 u battle, that's a hard song to sing, not even Olivia has been able to sing it that well, live.
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