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  1. I hope they give Liarrah a good edit, enough to boost her up for a fighting chance to beat Taryn and Ryan. Liarrah is my personal favorite of the 3
  2. I think y’all forgot they use auto tune and while watching it these people where actually pitchy and I can tell where they edited it at. So I don’t think any of us sources are lying, and I was right about Taryn’s vocals her audition was powerless and in her battle she had all the power. But they can’t edit Marisa destroying Ryan
  3. The Voice needs to wake up they thought Fousheè was gonna flop in real life so they montage her battle and look at her now, doing better than everyone in the past few seasons, they forgot Chloe is also young and has that tic tok potential and actually has the best shot in making it outside this show.
  4. I’ll be taking a long bathroom break snooze fest coming up
  5. I think the producers actually push for a AA female to win because they get hyped up every season it’s just the Karens and older white women and men can’t stand to see that happen “They scream too much” it’s frustrating because they actually deserve the win (Ali, Kyla, India, And Kymberli) they all deserved the win they season but we can’t win, so I really hope DeSz can pull this out.
  6. I’m upset they decided to short clip or montage Chloe she needed all the screen time in order to beat Bailey in getting the spot to sing for wildcard, I still think Chloe can do it because her KO was that good
  7. Um chile you really must’ve forgot who Beth was everything she did was DIVA and she had that power period
  8. Y’all see how Taryn has way more power in her voice in her battle than her blind !
  9. I think she’ll get hate for it in the KOs which better DeSz chances for playoffs
  10. To be honest with you... I don’t remember that’s how good Marisa was
  11. I actually can’t wait to see Marisa vs Ryan again, Marisa really held nothing back she made Ryan look like an ant
  12. Sid and Cami are not better than Tamara and John H, Sid never dials it down and cami is a one trick pony.
  13. She probably was I expected John to pick Sid in the battles just because Bailey is so basic but John really don’t want Blake using that against him which also makes me scared for the playoffs
  14. This makes me happy, because Chloe really came through for her KO and Gwen was just shook.
  15. Tamara was just really pitchy and none of the coaches said anything about it, while Olivia was just breezing through the song
  16. I would hope for Chloe over Tamara but I think John only stole her because he loves the song “Weak” so much even tho I thought Chloe was better than Carter. If Chloe gets a show stopper it might open John’s eyes and he might save her.
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