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  1. I like his coaching tho With Nick’s help, Rachel kept improving and improving after each performance and he doesn’t care too much about winning, he just wants to treat his artists right. Plus he’s strategic as a coach, I’ve never disagreed with any one of his choices, and his team had great battles: Joana vs Roderick, Allegra vs Michael, Bradley vs Rachel, etc. ALSO he doesn’t care abt how many chairs a contestant has turned (5 of his 6 one chair artists in 2 seasons made his live playoffs team)
  2. What if Kelly wasn't blocked for Katie Kaden? Would she still make the finale (3rd) place or higher
  3. I'm really excited to see Hailey M singing Arcade, hopefully it's a breakout moment for her!
  4. nick's not bad okay he's like severely underrated in this forum
  5. Nick’s my 2nd favorite coach, behind Kelly… He’s just so entertaining and he deep down rly cares for his artists and wants them to succeed. He also doesn’t care too much abt winning, just helping his team to the fullest
  6. I don't think anyone said that Brittany would lose her battle...
  7. I just saw Jeremy and Wendy and a Ariana vs John turn (possibly Vaughn) on the commercial during agt
  8. I literally have NO IDEA who Team Kelly’s frontrunner is, I think it’s between Hailey M/GNT/Jeremy. Gymani is also in the mix, I think she’s guaranteed a coach save and I’m not sure about Brittany…I think she might sadly get instantly elim’d
  9. YES omg completely forgot about this one!
  10. Hailey Mia is great, and I really hope she does well live...I think she'll either win this whole thing or get eliminated in playoffs (I don't think there's an in between for her)
  11. I'm honestly still shocked John let go of Brittany... And I'm shocked that Hailey M is in the playoffs when nearly everyone pegged her KO fodder (and a lot of ppl predicted Hailey M vs TCS, but I always thought TCS would win)
  12. Samuel will probably make the Semis but get eliminated bottom 2 or robbed in the instant save
  13. Do we think Hailey Mia can win because a lot of people on the who's Kelly frontrunner thread is saying so
  14. Jeremy especially. I honestly think he's Kelly's main horse and I can easily see him in the finale.
  15. Predictions Team Kelly PO Week PV: Hailey Mia PV: Girl Named Tom CS: Gymani WC: Jeremy (wins) Gymani gets eliminated T10 week, Jeremy + GNT eliminated T8 and Hailey prob wins the season
  16. Definitely Corey's KO, GihAnna's KO (both), Dana's PO, Desz' SF, CammWess' KO, Presley's battle
  17. Wow I actually loved Landslide but I can see why it's on ur list
  18. who we thinking is gonna be in the premiere? K: Gymani (4 - leak) - they wouldn't show her picking Kelly so it'd be Ari focused A: Ryleigh (2) J: Paris (3?) B: LiBianca (2) B: Carson (4) A: Jim & Sasha (?) J: Shadale (?) K: Kinsey (2, a block is usually in the premiere) A: Bella, assuming she turned 3. Jim&Sasha if they're a four chair turn.
  19. I actually LOVED Victor's PO it was amazing and I love the way he works the stage in every one of his performances Ryleigh was so robbed, I love Pia but Ryleigh was amazing that night.
  20. the wait isn't actually so bad..as soon as agt ends the voice is on so I always have something to watch haha
  21. Yeah I guess. At least both of them get the opportunity to sing live so it's fine either way. but like holly does scream winner-
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