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  1. I read its Wikipedia article and apparently it's a one hit wonder and Christmas number one from like, 25 years ago. The more you know, I guess. It was good, and probably the best performance of the night. I can only get so excited about a Christmas song though, you know?
  2. Matt Terry - "Silent Night" & "Say You Love Me": I wanna go to a theme park with Nicole Scherzinger. Lucky bastard. Matt was forgettable once again for me this week. I've been sick of "Silent Night" since I was a damn child, and I didn't know the second song and couldn't connect with it. I agree with Simon that the performance was bland. A bit of the pot calling the kettle black (hi, Emily!) but whatever. 5 After Midnight - "Stay Another Day" & "Signed, Sealed, Delivered": I've never heard the first song until Lauren sang it in S11, and I still do not understand how it's a Christmas song. Oh well, if the show doesn't care I guess I don't either. It's your last chance to get to the final and you sing Stevie Wonder karaoke? They're lucky the judges are pimping them because lol this deserves a bus. Saara Aalto - "White Christmas"/"All I Want for Christmas is You" & "Chandelier": Saara knowing Santa personally. Why is she singing "Chandelier" in the middle of a thunderstorm? I don't get it. I'm really not feeling anyone tonight for whatever reason. Emily Middlemas - "Happy Xmas" & "Mad World": This is a really good Christmas song. All the little children sounded good? Emily didn't lmfao. I love how Louis, Sharon, & Nicole are so sick of her, praising the other 3 acts saying "You have to be in the final!" And lmao as if she could get more boring, she does the Gary Jules version of "Mad World." I'm surprised they didn't spring for "Hallelujah" instead. A basic bitch like Emily can only be "beautiful" so much before she just becomes BORING. High school talent show X Factor needs to end. What a disappointing semifinal. Matt and Emily in the bottom 2. Can't say it's undeserved--Matt's been bland and boring the past 2 weeks, and Emily's been bland and boring the entire goddamn season. I believe this is the first season where every act has landed in the bottom 2? Matt Terry - "Hurt": This is much more like the Matt I've loved all season. A huge improvement over his past two weeks. Emily Middlemas - "Wings": Oh, I assumed this would be the Little Mix song. We know by now that she's a one trick pony and it's time for the horse to be put down. Ugh FINALLY. She should've left weeks ago. Ranking of the top 3: 1. Saara 2. Matt 3. 5 After Midnight
  3. Hi, Drew! And lol don't get me wrong, I love Matt too. It should be a sin to be as good looking AND as talented as he is. Lol thanks Hayden, I hope you've been doing well! I can point you towards some full episodes on YouTube if the curiosity bug bites.
  4. Ok guys I get it, as a queer I'm contractually obligated to like Saara the best lmao.
  5. Top 5 night was freaking fantastic! The "Louis Loves" theme was brilliant and I wish they had done it earlier in the season. But there were so many moments on this show so let's go through them all! Matt Terry - "Secret Love Song" & "Alive": Honestly, I wasn't really feeling Matt this week. I liked both performances (he's still yet to have a bad one) but I wasn't in love with either song choice. No, the real champions of this week were... Saara Aalto - "The Winner Takes It All" & "Diamonds Are Forever"/"Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend": When it comes to the point in the competition where contestants get to do multiple songs, they get a chance to show what a concert from them would look like. I think Saara accomplished that on this night. "The Winner Takes It All" was another brilliant vocal, but what won the night for me was her second song. It was so crazy, it was so cheesy, it was so SAARA AALTO. My favorite part of the song is when she was throwing away gifts in front of the judging table and she almost chucked one right at Simon's head. That was hilarious! And Nicole's comment about it being a cheese explosion and Saara was like, "Well, yeah!" She is so camp and just positively mad in the most glorious way. Honey G - "U Can't Touch This/"Super Freak" & "Push It"/"Black Beatles": The first performance was the same Honey G we've gotten the entire competition that had definitely worn thin for me at this point. So imagine my surprise when she starts singing one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs of all time...AND I LOVED IT. "Push It" is a JAM and she could've just done that and I would finally have a favorite Honey G performance. But then we got to the middle of the performance and the entire studio froze. THEY GOT THE ENTIRE STUDIO TO DO THE FREAKING MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE. HOW DID THEY DO THAT?! WHO'S IDEA WAS IT?! Because it was SHAMAZING as Nicole would say. My favorites were Louis & Nicole frozen in very awkward poses, the two ladies sitting next to the judging panel who moved their heads to look at each other (lmao), and Dermot looking over the notes for the rest of the show with the stage hand. I can finally say that after 8 weeks, Honey G had a moment for me. It would be very easy for me to pretend like I hated it, but that would mean lying to myself. Congrats to her for winning me over for at least one performance. 5 After Midnight - "Uptown Funk" & "Sorry"/"One Dance": I was worried for 5AM with the Uptown Funk song choice, because let's be honest--Fleur had one of the most iconic performances in X Factor history with that song. People like to throw around the word "moment" but that was definitely one of the few true moments where you realize you had just seen something special. 5AM did the song justice, and it was a solid performance, one of their better ones. The second performance was a step down, and I think the fact that that was their 2nd song (and thus the last memory of them for this night) is the reason they ended up in the bottom 2. But they're turning into one of the best X Factor groups imo and this is one of the rare times I really feel like I've gotten to know a group as individuals. Stereo Kicks were just too big, and 4th Impact weren't around long enough due to their shortened season. I like these guys and I hope they make the finale. Emily Middlemas - "Toxic" & "Human": Even Emily did good for me this week. At least her first song - "Toxic" was a weird song choice for her, but she put her own spin on it that DIDN'T involve turning it into a slow ditty, and I think it worked. It was cute, it was fun, it was young. "Human" I didn't like as much. I'm glad it was another performance out of the balladeer zone, but her voice wasn't strong enough to carry the song imo. I did love the clip of Nicole saying she loved the song choice because it was obvious Simon didn't pick it. Same, Nicole, same. It was definitely time for Honey G to go, but congrats to her for going out on a high note. Top 4 Ranking: 1. Matt/Saara - Yes, I've gotten to the point where I can't choose between them. Although Matt was sorta forgettable this week, I still love both of them so much, for very different reasons. 3. 5 After Midnight 4. Emily
  6. Ryan Lawrie - "Jailhouse Rock": "Surviving the bottom 2 gives me the chance to change something in order to hopefully stick around." *does the exact same kind of performance he's done all season* Honestly, I feel like this is his best performance. The bar has been lowered to almost rock bottom for him lmao, but he managed to surpass my low expectations. Kudos. 5 After Midnight - "Try a Little Tenderness": This was an odd performance. I don't know what I was expecting when the performance started, but it was...not what they did. It just threw me for a loop. I wouldn't have chosen this song. Saara Aalto - "My Heart Will Go On": "I am just on my third face, and you're on your second!" Another brilliant vocal performance from Saara. I loved the violinists lying on the floor. I really hope she gets off the Sam Bailey songbook next week though, if only because I love both and don't want to compare them to each other lol. Matt Terry - "Writing's on the Wall": Incredible. Gave me goosebumps. And he cleans up SO nicely! Honey G - "It's Like That"/"Gettin' Jiggy With It": I liked the opening with the tube? The end. Emily Middlemas - "It Must Have Been Love": Saara and Matt both kill it, and this is what gets the pimp spot? #overit Saara's reactions to getting through are always the best. Honey G is finally in the bottom 2? I'd love it if this was her swan song, but I'm not sure Ryan has any more lives left. Ryan Lawrie - "Lego House": Uh oh, we have a WGWG in the house. He's going all out. Will this tired-but-true trope be enough to save him? Honey G - "Get Ur Freak On"/"Work It": Well, this certainly is different from most sing-off performances. "When I say save, you say me!" got a chuckle from me, I'll admit. Ryan's run finally comes to an end. Considering that without the lifeline vote, he probably would've left the second week (I'm assuming Freddy would've survived since his sing-off was good), this has definitely been quite the journey for him. Top 5 Ranking: 1. Matt 2. Saara 3. 5 After Midnight 4. Emily 5. Honey G
  7. I love how X Factor is still doing Disco themes in 2016. They did Motown this year, too. I wonder if they're even trying to stay on the air? Saara Aalto - "No More Tears": Man, between Ruth, Sam, and now Saara performing this, this song has been absolutely SPOILED by X Factor. This was a fantastic performance and I loved her outfit. Sam Lavery - "I Will Survive": The arrangement was kind of interesting. Bit of an odd fit for this song in particular, though. Ryan Lawrie - "Play That Funky Music": Another big production for his voice to hide behind. That's definitely the strategy they're going for with him. WHAT only a bottom 2 this week? Hot damn, he may actually go out! 5 After Midnight - "Boogie Wonderland"/"September": I actually thought this was rather outstanding. I groaned a little when September started, because every damn group does September on XF Disco week, but then they added the little dance break part and I was sold. They've really won me over. Matt Terry - "Best of My Love": This song is one of the greatest bops of all time and I won't hear otherwise. It's nice to have someone sing it on X Factor after other people chickened out. I actually agree with Simon's comments in that it got better as the performance went along. It's his weakest performance thus far, but his weakest is still better than most contestant's best. Emily Middlemas - "Wishing on a Star": That picture of Simon's heyday with Sinitta. The performance was forgettable. Honey G - "Stayin' Alive": Not for me. No lifeline vote to save Ryan or Sam this week. It definitely should've been Honey GEmily in the B2 instead of Sam. How could the show miss the chance of playing the ~emotional breakup~ on stage? Sam Lavery - "No More Drama": Yeah, no. Ryan Lawrie - "Stop Crying Your Heart Out": Yeah, no. x2 OMG Ryan was saved by deadlock. He has more survivability on this show than Katie Weasel! Ranking of the top 6: 1. Matt 2. Saara 3. 5 After Midnight *HUGE gap* 4. Emily 5. Ryan 6. Honey G
  8. Lol does it really matter if she's my #1? I definitely enjoy both her and Matt more than any contestant from S11 or 12. I just tap more into Matt's voice and his consistency, while you prefer Saara. It's ok, we can coexist. Who knows though? At this point I thought Ben would be my #1 for XF11, but then Fleur started dominating while he began underperforming a bit so she overtook him for me. Perhaps it will be the same story here. I think Ghost was good, didn't care for Hold On. That's nice that they're still together. Queen of artists owing their success to her. Haley Reinhart's fans are pressed. Louisa is like Leona in that I can recognize their talent, but I found their song choices uninspiring and overall journey just kind of forgettable. I don't think she sucks or anything but yeah, not really a fan. Lmao what a load, at least we got a few more performances from her I guess. I still wish Amelia had been around for those four weeks, because we missed out on some potentially amazing performances from her. Kelly was a moron for cutting her for Sophie "Who?" Habibis. I'm not a Samantha Jade fan. Ugh the same thing happened to Ruth, it sucks. Yet Andrea didn't have that problem. I wonder why? Lmao that's probably for the best, as much as I love Sharon as a judge her song choices for her acts tend to leave a lot to be desired. Really only works if she has someone amazing like Sam or Brenda or Chico.
  9. Matt Terry - "I'm Your Man": It literally doesn't matter what he sings, he ALWAYS does great. He can take a corny song like this and make it seem cool. Lol gross @ Simon's Olly comparison, though. Olly can't lick Matt's boots. Sam Lavery - "I'll Stand By You": Rebecca Ferguson She's gotten so underrated over the years. Since when is this a freaking Girls Aloud song?! I knew how this performance was gonna go because Sam's performances are always the same: starts low, then starts shouting. Except this time even the low parts weren't sung very well. This felt completely off to me and if they had only pulled it back for once, this could have been a bit of a moment for her. Such a frustrating contestant. Honey G - "Jump": I don't have anything constructive to say about her at this point. By Honey G's definition I'm a ~hater~ I guess, but the truth is I'd rather ignore than hate. At least she's enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. Ryan Lawrie - "Twist and Shout": This was an improvement over the past two weeks, but he's obviously out of his depth at this point in the competition. I'd like for him to sing a slow song to highlight his vocals, but at this point it's obvious Nicole is hiding his voice behind these big productions lmao. It really doesn't matter how good Ryan is though, because he's going to be in the top 4 thanks to the lifeline vote just like Rayvon was. Matt's too good to ever land in the bottom, so he's never gonna be down there to siphon votes from him. Four of Diamonds - "Hold On": Lmao this show is trying every trick in the book to pimp these girls. The comeback story, always giving them late performance slots, making them seem likable and the "nicest girls," harping about their potential, and now trying to garner sympathy by having them read mean tweets. The truth of the matter is, though, that they're not that special. I was no Little Mix fan at the start of their run, but they won me over with performances like "E.T." and "Telephone" that were done by this point in the competition. Four of Diamonds haven't done anything to even approach that level of greatness. Saara Aalto - "Sound of the Underground": This didn't work for me. It was a good song for 4th Impact ignoring the fact I hated it at first because they were a young girl pop group, but Saara is better than this. And the production aspect almost came across as a parody of her previous two performances to me this week, it was really weird. Oh Simon just commented on that, the choreographer's puppet. I get that she's "different" and that's commendable of course, I tend to enjoy the contestants that beat to the sound of their own drum, but this was way under the bar she set for herself after the last two weeks. Emily Middlemas - "What Makes You Beautiful": Why is it that whenever someone does a 1D song, it has to be this one? They have better songs. And lmao of course they slowed it the freak down, why not just do Little Things or something instead? What is with the fish in the background? OH THEY'RE BUTTERFLIES. They look like fish! That's what's entertaining me about this performance. Emily certainly isn't being entertaining. 5 After Midnight - "Say You'll Be There": Lmao if only Mel was here for this performance. I preferred last week's performance (I still say their Thriller was incredible), but this was really good and it's nice to see SOMEONE other than Matt give a great performance on this night. The show overall was a real letdown after last week. Saara being in the bottom 3 while Honey G is safe is so much cringe, but I guess it's the Elise Testone effect of having to be incredible literally every week in order to be safe. I'm happy about Sam being in the bottom 3 because Simon needs a wake up call in regards to her. As for Four of Diamonds, lmao just pull the plug already goddamn. Four of Diamonds - "When You Believe": Average. Saara Aalto - "Who You Are": Lmao this was just straight up murder, Four of Diamonds' life support just went flat. Ranking of the top 7: 1. Matt 2. Saara 3. 5 After Midnight 4. Sam 5-6. Emily/Ryan, the beard relationship of dreams 7. Honey G
  10. Gifty Louise - "I'm in Love with a Monster": It was alright, not something that's gonna stick in my mind. Matt Terry - "I Put a Spell on You": Jesus Christ, he just keeps killing it! Yet another fantastic vocal performance and I was jealous of the dancers at the end who got to feel him up. 5 After Midnight - "Thriller": Wouldn't be an X Factor Halloween theme without someone doing Thriller. Honestly, 5AM might have just given my favorite version of it! This was fantastic--they sang great, I LOVED the opening where they drank the poison and were resurrected as zombies, and the choreography was ace! This is the best non-Matt or Saara performance of the competition thus far. WELL done! Honey G - "Men in Black": Remember last season when Mason sang AND danced to this song? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Ryan Lawrie - "Everybody": RYLAN SCARING NICOLE This performance just made me miss Stereo Kicks and this wasn't even one of their best performances. He's gonna be in the bottom 3 (again) and be saved by the lifeline vote (again). On the plus side, his Halloween makeover was pretty damn great. Sam Lavery - "Total Eclipse of the Heart": Probably her best performance thus far, although the way they chopped up the song was a bit strange to me, if that makes sense. Just once I'd like to hear her NOT start shouting midway through a performance. Saara Aalto - "Bad Romance": Lol she is cray cray and it just ADDS so much to her performances! This was another home run and fantastic vocal performance. HER OUTFIT WAS INCREDIBLE! Four of Diamonds - "Ghost": I think it started off a bit shaky, but once it got towards the middle of the performance I was getting into it. The ending was really good! Their best performance thus far. Louis: "We have a girl group where everybody sings! That hasn't happened in a long time!" Was that shade? LOL Emily Middlemas - "Creep": Damn, even Emily was good this week. The staging helped a lot with that--the production is just fantastic this year in general. The judges keep praising Brian Friedman and for very good reason. I loved the unwanted Chucky doll theme of the performance. Poor Four of Diamonds. Definitely should've been Honey G in the bottom 3 instead, but that wasn't gonna happen unfortunately. Lol @ Ryan's reaction to being saved by the lifeline vote yet again. He knows he shouldn't keep getting saved. Gifty Louise - "A Song for You": This was great. Nuanced, good control, she didn't resort to shouting. As I said before, when she dials it back, she is a million times better. Four of Diamonds - "The Voice Within": Very rough around the edges. Probably the end of the road for them. Oh wow. Nicole & Sharon sent home Gifty. Four of Diamonds are shocked and so am I! Ranking of the top 8: 1. Matt 2. Saara 3. 5 After Midnight - They really impressed me this week. 4. Sam 5-6. Emily/Four of Diamonds 7. Ryan - I mean, at least he sings. 8. Honey G
  11. You mean season 11? I think people's enjoyment of season 12 depends on how much they enjoy Louisa. Me personally, I thought she was a bit boring, but I've talked to a lot of people who love her. The season in general was hard for me to get through due some uninspiring song choices/contestants and a horrible judging panel, but on the plus side it was only 7 weeks long. 13, I'm overall enjoying so far, but Tom has made it clear he's not a fan lol.
  12. Lmao I'm gonna have to do this because it sounds incredible. A snow fairy? Lol, well two incredible contestants can save a series if the rest of the acts are a bit underwhelming. As much as I enjoy Reggie 'N Bollie, they really were a case of "well, what else is there?" Meanwhile if they keep performing at these standards, both Matt and Saara are gonna rank among my favorite contestants of all time, and I don't say that lightly.
  13. Nicole looks incredible tonight. Lol they're giving her a spotlight performance? She's gonna show up ALL these contestants. Ryan Lawrie - "Rolling in the Deep": George Michael wasn't working so they went with Adele? That's some odd logic. This is really, really bad. Ooo that Simon comment @ Nicole was a SUPER burn. He's probably right, though. Gifty Louise - "Lay Me Down": By FAR her best performance. It wasn't perfect, and I will repeat that shouting is not singing. When she dials it back, she is a lot better. No way Nicole wasn't winning that biggest diva poll after that opening performance lmfao. "Honey, I am so diva, I sweat glitter!" 5 After Midnight - "Valerie": A little rough around the edges, but I thought it was good. "A little bit Carlton for me" LOL. Damn, Simon trashed them. I don't think it was terrible. What else were they gonna do for Divas week? Sam Lavery - "Earth Song": What year was this season, 2016? It had been proven at that point that louder =/= better, sometimes less is more. Once again, I really liked the beginning of the performance...and then she started shouting with the gospel choir and it just went to shite. Already the rock influence is coming in, I don't like the path we're going down now. NICOLE IS RIGHT. Sam is so boned having Simon as a mentor and it sucks, because her voice is great. Matt Terry - "I'll Be There": Lol @ his friends coming to visit him just because they wanted to meet Nicole. Hard to blame them. The performance? Freaking incredible. How are "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" and "I'll Be There" ranking among my favorite performances of 2016?! La'Porsha Renae was in 2016! Matt is just a BRILLIANT singer. I adore him. Honey G - "Ice Ice Baby"/"Under Pressure": Maybe it's just me, but the show being in on the joke when it comes to novelty acts just ruins it for me (REGGIE 'N BOLLIE WERE NOT A NOVELTY ACT). I don't think she's entertaining but I have a feeling she's gonna be here a while, unfortunately. Relley C - "A Natural Woman": It sucks that she got sick, but this could have been so much better than it was. If you're gonna sing a song like this in the late 2010s, you have to be absolutely incredible like Sam Bailey or how Matt was earlier in the show. That didn't happen with this performance and parts of it where she was obviously straining were hard to listen to. It sucks but I think she's toast. Emily Middlemas - "How Will I Know": Sucking the soul out of songs and slowing them down to be as lifeless as the singers singing them stopped being impressive with Janet Devlin. Four of Diamonds - "Lady Marmalade"/"Bang Bang": Aww the moment with Little Mix, we stan female solidarity. I didn't like the performance. The choreography seemed really robotic and lifeless for whatever reason. It was "too polite" as Sharon put it. Saara Aalto - "It's Oh So Quiet": Omg this was freaking AMAZING. I think I'm understanding what Sola meant when he said Saara was originally seen as a 'joke act' because this was freaking bonkers AND I LOVED IT. It was even better than Kitty Brucknell's version! From a production standpoint this could very well have been the best performance of all time. Just genius! Loved the extra "shh!" at the very end! She and Matt were in a different league compared to the rest of the contestants tonight. Ryan, Four of Diamonds, Relley bottom 3. Congrats on surviving another week, Ryan. Yep, Ryan safe. Rayvon is gonna be impressed with Ryan's strategy of surviving the lifeline vote! Relley C - "I Can't Make You Love Me": Definitely better than her performance the night before, but still nowhere near as good as her first two weeks. Four of Diamonds - "Who Are You": These girls need to focus on harmonization because their individual voices aren't that great. Based on the sing-off, I would save Relley. But I think the girls will survive to continue their "comeback kids" storyline. Yep, I knew it. Too bad for Relley. She just had a bad week. Ranking of the top 9: 1. Matt - My favorite voice in the competition at the moment. 2. Saara - "It's Oh So Quiet" is the best performance of the season at this point. 3. Sam - But I'm not optimistic about her future trajectory, due to being in Simon's category. 4-7. Honestly, completely interchangeable. Gifty was good this week, Ryan was really bad this week but I didn't mind him the first two weeks, and both groups I can take or leave. 8. Honey G - Not working for me. 9. Emily - Completely useless.
  14. Saara as the joke act when Honey G is there? How odd lol. And more like the lifeline vote twist is unfair to anyone who isn't a young cute guy. Such a pro-Nicole twist.
  15. Lol right? They definitely look like long lost brothers, Matt is a WAY better singer (and hotter) though. And ooo, what suspense! I wonder what happens. It was unique enough I guess but I don't think it was sung well. Interesting top comment though! The sing-off was very good, I agree.
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