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  1. Ken, Paula, and Ashley Tisdale?! I'm gonna have to watch this. lmao
  2. Pretty much. I won't be playing, but good luck to the new participants.
  3. Didn't do too hot this episode lmao. I thought Yogi would be bad (she decided to be mediocre instead oops) and I was on the fence with Jock. I knew once DWTMAT started that he was bad though lol. I thought Biker would be good, so she made the right call walking away.
  4. Damn. I was hoping Candice would win, but I guess that's not possible when nobody ranks her #1 (other than my contribution to the public vote). 3rd is nothing to slouch at, though. Congrats to David and Kelly for making the top 2. Expecting Miss Clarkson to take the win.
  5. I don't know how to make the spoiler tag, so I'm gonna white out instead. I'm convinced Popcorn is Cyndi Lauper. She talks like her and everything, and the pride flags in her clue packages just sell it for me. True Colors, anyone? My mama told me Sun is Leann Rimes, as do most people here lmao. I agree. Other than that, agree about Baby Alien being Justin Guarini.
  6. Season 16: -I like Katy, Lionel and Luke as individual judges, but the whole package of them together gets on my nerves. Still better than Keith/JLo/Harry and their love of mediocrity by a long shot. I am praying I never see any of those three on American Idol ever again. -Maddie & Caleb Lee are one of my all-time favorite top 2s on the show. They both deserved to make it that far. -Speaking of Caleb Lee, his personality is top-notch. I really enjoyed his dry sense of humor. -Michael J. Woodard got on my nerves. I thought he sounded like a little kid who couldn't pronou
  7. Agreed. Chris is alright, I mean all things considered I think he and Elliott should've been the top 2 of that season. He had performances that were great but also performances that I thought were mediocre.
  8. Lol the only Melinda performance that would count as "boring" would be I Believe in You and Me (thanks, Randy!), other than that? She was flawless. She is simply the best and most consistent contestant ever and if anything, #6 is too low for her. Melinda
  9. #TeamNGM, I've never been a huge fan of IDF's original goddess and that certainly hasn't changed with the recent news lmao.
  10. Lol I have mixed feelings on Charla & Mirna. Mirna's such a horrible human being but she's SO entertaining. Their chronic backstabbing disorder and forcing themselves into a rivalry with Dustin & Kandice in All Stars Lol, Colin was a tool but again, super entertaining. Him turning into a zen daddy once they finally returned was also a fantastic redemption arc!
  11. The old TAR Rankdown that Chris ran was great, it's too bad he got busy and it kinda died off. I'd be interested in taking part in another one if someone were to do it. Flo Season 3 in general I actually met Andrew (of Dennis & Andrew) a few months ago! He came to the LGBTQ+ student organization I used to lead and did a presentation there. He's doing great work for the community in Lexington, really nice guy! Attractive too, my roommate's always wanted to hook up with him.
  12. I hope so! She was robbed in the prior rankdown.
  13. Nothing but love for Mrs. Underwood. Simply put, I wouldn't be posting on this website today if it wasn't for her. I remember catching glimpse and pieces of season 3 due to my mother watching it (enough to tell you who George Huff and Diana DeGarmo were, they were her favorites) but it wasn't until season 4 with Carrie/Bo/Vonzell/Anthony etc. that I became interested in Idol myself. I was definitely rooting for her to win and luckily she did. A lot of her performances rank as some of my favorites of all time, such as "Alone," "Independence Day," etc.
  14. Tom invited me to join them there at the time, but it had already become so huge that I had trouble keeping up with it. I was content with my smaller chat thread I shared with Tom, Elle and the other Tom. Miss those other two so much. Wasn't the "SG"T lost in the server crash caused by Fraudiani? I really miss old IDF and too few threads are archived by the Wayback Machine.
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