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  1. Brooke did amazing! Her vocals were flawless and her stage presence was extraordinary. Such star quality! I do think she should pick a better song moving forward, we all know minivan isn't a fan of such songs. Hopefully she picks a song that resonates with voters. I'm also glad Storm won the Wildcard. While tonight wasn't Storm's best performance, I do believe she deserves to advance. She has so much more to offer, the right song choice and arrangement will be key, so Storm should be able to deliver a moment next time.
  2. Here's how to vote for the Wildcard.
  3. Storm Large absolutely killed it! I'm rooting for her to win the wildcard spot. Please vote.
  4. Here are the AGT wildcard performances. The official channel hasn't uploaded them yet.
  5. Why is Sethward advancing but not Gabriella? Wtf? A literal crime.....
  6. https://tvline.com/2021/08/02/americas-got-talent-nightbirde-drops-out-statement-cancer/ Nightbirde has dropped out over her worsening condition. I wish the best for nightbirde, hoping for a full recovery.
  7. Brooke killed that! She better be in the finale.
  8. Wasn't bad but idk if this song choice will give him the votes.
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