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  1. It's a shame that Team Minivan will be voting for Victor instead of this.
  2. Standing ovation? I want what these coaches are smoking.
  3. Add me. He was my favorite of last night. I hope he goes far into the competition.
  4. Season 15 leaked Kennedy Holmes and Sarah Grace before the premiere.
  5. I think he is asking how @Someone648got spoilers pre-covid.
  6. Katie killing it on "Let It Be" cover. Her delivery is filled with raw emotion, perfect for this song, well done.
  7. Add me please. She was my favorite during her season.
  8. The pre-season overhyping of Tamara and Desz set my expectations way too high, let's just say their auditions didn't leave a great first impression.
  9. Didn't Abby say she planned to do an acoustic version of that song but they didn't let her?
  10. River- by Joni Mitchell (Cover) The Sign- by Ace of Base (Cover) 2 mesmerizing covers by Katie, her voice has such a majestic quality to it, which can transmit various emotions.
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