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  1. 1. Kris Allen 2. Carrie Underwood 3. Kelly Clarkson 4. David Cook 5. Phillip Phillips 6. Jordin Sparks 7. Fantasia 8. Scotty McCreery 9. Nick Fradiani 10. Lee DeWyze 11. Trent Harmon 12. Maddie Poppe 13. Laine Hardy 14. Candice Glover 15. Ruben Studdard 16. Taylor Hicks 17. Just Sam 18. Caleb Johnson
  2. Two winners in a row I could care less about. But congratulations to her.
  3. 1. Francisco/Arthur/Jonny 4. Just Sam 5. Dillon James Surprisingly, I don't dislike any specific person in the finale... I have my favorites who I will actually support after Idol but I like all 5.
  4. I hope he does "River" as his reprise. I know it was just last week but it was, by far, his best performance on the show. And it's also the one that solidified his stance as a frontrunner, someone who can actually win the show. I think he could really win with that song.
  5. I have 40 email addresses ready to go tonight. 20 votes on each of them plus the 10 I can get in by texting is 810 votes tonight. I hope he wins!!!
  6. I just can't wait for this to happen as it does every year.... Contestant: *Gets highest praise from judges* All of IDF: "See!! I told you he/she was the chosen one!!!" **Someone else wins the show** All of IDF: "We knew he/she was the chosen one!!!" It happens EVERY year. It's quite entertaining. I love getting my popcorn and watching IDF implode during the finale.
  7. I’ve been spending the last two days creating multiple email accounts to help Francisco lol. I’m up to almost 30 different accounts.
  8. 1. Francisco Martin - "River" 2. Jonny West - "Amazing Grace" 3. Arthur Gunn - "Hey, Ma" 4. Dillon James - "Hang On, Hang On" 5. Jonny West - "Almost There" 6. Dillon James - "Our Town" 7. Arthur Gunn - "Kiss The Girl" 8. Julia Gargano - "Sweetest Devotion" 9. Louis Knight - "You've Got A Friend" 10. Just Sam - "I Turn To You" 11. Francisco Martin - "You'll Be In My Heart" 12. Just Sam - "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" 13. Louis Knight - "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" 14. Julia Gargano - "Beauty and the Beast"
  9. Francisco and Arthur are actually my top 2 favorites so I'm okay with either of them winning (even though I like Francisco slightly better). I answered Francisco to both of the questions. However, I do believe that Arthur will win the show. But since it isn't being aired coast to coast at the same time, it's really hard to predict the winner. The entire West Coast won't be voting for the winner unless they're die-hard fans and happen to see on social media that they need to vote before the show even airs for them.
  10. I love Arthur but I want Francisco to win... and I think he stands a really good chance at it. The thing that's making me nervous is that the show won't be aired coast to coast at the same time and voting is live.... so only die-hard fans on the West Coast will know to vote for him before the show airs for them. By the time the show airs on the West Coast, the winner will already be crowned. That makes me nervous since Francisco is from California...
  11. The problem with that is that the casual voters won’t know that they have to vote before the show even airs. Only die hard fans on the west coast will know that. oh well... It’s time to move on to season 19 I guess
  12. Oh, I definitely expected Julia and Louis to be eliminated. I just didn't expect to find out the official results so early in the week.
  13. I'll likely be voting for Francisco even though he doesn't stand a chance now since the West Coast won't be voting for the winner (which includes his home state, California). It'll be interesting to see who wins now since essentially the East Coast and Central time zones will be in charge of choosing lol
  14. Yep. It's East Coast Idol this year, not American Idol lol That's just dirty. I mean, there are contestants who are from California. Their own hometowns won't be able to vote for them. This is going to cause an uproar, I think. Who knows who will win now? lol
  15. No, it doesn't. "Kicking off at 8/7c on ABC, the finale will reveal the Top 5 according to America's vote as two contestants are immediately bid farewell." It's talking about the two contestants from the top 7 that will be eliminated, creating the top 5 to compete. But either way, the West Coast won't get to vote for the winner period according to the article.
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