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  1. Do you guys have any list of acts competing or have you guys discovered a following circle yet
  2. Is there any sort of following circle yet? Or acts that you guys think will be auditioning?
  3. Alanis Sophia and Xavier Washington were paired together for duets. I wish we got to see that
  4. There is definitely gonna be a lot of montages or rushed auditions
  5. EPISODE 5 ACTS Steven Paul Cortez Madison Watkins Althea Grace Andrea Valles Jake Clark Jackson Snelling Liv Grace Blue Deshawn Goncalves Alana Sherman Zach Donofrio Cameron Allen Vahhley Luana Sandoval Wyatt Pike Brianna Collichio Ava August Sloane Simon Jay Camaro Danny Falco Colin Jamieson Helen Blondel Tryzdin
  6. As of right now, we don’t know. We know the contestants appearing on Auditions 3 and 4. There’s 5 audition episodes so we’re just waiting for that list to come out
  7. Every singer has a country singer like Alex and so far, they usually haven’t made it past group/duet rounds. That may change this season.
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