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  1. Could you pm it to me too? I’m excited for Alyssa too. I’ve followed her for a while. She has a big range, but I just hope she doesn’t do theatre music.
  2. Hey guys. A few weeks ago I posted that I have been messaging one of the producers some acts who I think should be casted. The producer started following half of the acts on my list after I sent them, so I decided to post some of them on here. I blocked their names out due to the fact that they may not be allowed to say anything yet. Keep in mind, these are are not confirmed to be on this season, but there’s a chance they may be on this season.
  3. I’m hoping that Thomas Stringfellow got a chair to turn. I’ve been a fan of his since Idol
  4. This makes me so excited for this season. I’m definitely gonna be rooting for Grace Melton, John Holiday, Tamara Jade and a few others who are unannounced. There are some amazing artist who haven’t been announced yet
  5. I’ve seen somebody do “who should’ve had more chairs turn” and that got me thinking, who are some acts who made it but honestly shouldn’t have had any chairs turn for them.
  6. There is actually one alum who did pretty good on Idol who is on this season
  7. There’s one particular act who I’ve been a fan of for years now. I’m excited that they are competing.
  8. I’ve been doing a lot of reasearch with finding acts and I’ve found at least 30 acts competing. Let me just say, there is gonna be some killer acts this season.
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