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  1. As of right now, we don’t know. We know the contestants appearing on Auditions 3 and 4. There’s 5 audition episodes so we’re just waiting for that list to come out
  2. Every singer has a country singer like Alex and so far, they usually haven’t made it past group/duet rounds. That may change this season.
  3. Who do you guys think will be shown on the last episode? My current predictions are Vahhley(Had her story talked about in commercial) Brianna Collichio(Another act with a big story) Serrin Joy(Highly shown in commercial) Dreion(Another act with a story) Dr. Soul(Highlu shown in commercial) Andrea Valles(Idk Why) Redd(Idk Why) Zach Donofrio or Ren Patrick. Drake hasn’t posted about Idol so I doubt he’s getting aired. It will be between Zach and Ren. I’m suprised one of them hasn’t been aired already. I’m leaning towards Zach since he was in a promo
  4. Agreed. A lot of the acts already have Tik Tok Followings, Such as Benson, Claudia, Mary Jo, Alyssa, Samantha, etc. A lot of these acts are discovered by producers on Social Media so they should encourage them to post more on there
  5. 8/12 female Top 20 singers last season fell into the pop/r&b powerhouse singers. There’s much more originality between the girls this season which is nice.
  6. Lauren Daigle wasn’t even aired so she isn’t a success story lol
  7. Imma just say this Morgan Wallen and Melanie Martinez didn’t become famous by competing on The Voice, they competed on the show, but didn’t become famous due to appearing on the show. Just like Tori Kelly didn’t become famous from competing on Idol. The most successful person who found success due to appearing on The Voice would be Cassadee Pope or Danielle Bradberry. (Christina Grimmie and Alisan Porter had successful prior to The Voice so I’m not including them either.) The most successful person who found success due to appearing on Idol would be Kelly Cl
  8. Episode 4 Acts Laila Mach Murphy Cheryl K Alyssa Wray Re’h Heather Russell Anthony Key Michael Gerow Ash Ruder Beane Caleb Kennedy Cameron McGhar Abby LeBaron
  9. I believe from what others have said that or happened like a few months to a year ago. People just had sc and are posting them now since she’s on Idol. I do feel that she should at least apologize
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