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  1. the choice of song of the first three in relation to their voice was not good...
  2. i would not have liked so much to be in the place of the public present who had to choose the big winner or winner of this season ...
  3. i think they will keep them for the knockouts, they must have thought that there would be too many good talents eliminated directly
  4. anyway the other coaches will jump at the opportunity to steal Guy's talents because he will necessarily eliminate very good talents to keep ...... Bella
  5. yes without any doubts, as in the promo, Olivia hugged Jess, and in another Rita dropped Jordan's microphone
  6. i really don't like the principle of blocking after having turned around ... i prefer before the coach turns around, it's more respectful i find for the coach and the talent because the talent sees directly whether his coach than he wanted at the beginning is blocked, there they can talk to each other and suddenly be blocked ... i find that not terrible
  7. yes yes yes, i would NEVER say that Channel 9 did a bad job, i may have misspoken, but never could i say that there has never been great talent on Channel 9
  8. Janaki............................ 12 YEARS OLD? omg
  9. obviously Channel 9 did a great job, but what i mean is that Channel 7 passed its challenge hands down to take over the voice from Channel 9 in two episodes both in talent and this panel of coaches. after like everyone else, it's my personal opinion
  10. Channel 7 in 2 episodes they managed to find better talent than Channel 9 in several years
  11. coaches can turn around endlessly, they don't have maximum talents to have battles are removed, so what means the new rule that allows coaches to turn around all the time means there will be longer knockout events with more people and blocked coaches can no longer chat to the talent for which they were blocked i think these are the three main novelties for this season
  12. and i don't know if you noticed or i'm wrong, but when a coach is blocked i feel like he doesn't even have the right to talk to the talent ???
  13. i found a ytb channel that add the ENTIRE auditions if you want https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQnEiPmDuNMRUMrYCINgudQ
  14. i find this coach panel excellent Keith is there like he's never gone Guy is still as good at arguments to recover talents Rita, i find that she's much better in the Australian version than when she was in the voice UK and Jess is my favorite this season, she is so adorable, just, really a nice surprise
  15. if the production put Bella in the first episode, i think what awaits us the other days, our hearts will stop quite a few times
  16. am too optimistic to say that bella is the best audition of all the voice australia all seasons?
  17. with Guy ... i like Guy but i would have liked so much that Jess had Bella ..
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