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  1. I liked it but I believe if he would have picked John or Ariana he would’ve made lives.
  2. yeah no. they have to show her fail to use her block, shown in the promo, then see her succeed in using it, even though she didnt get the artist
  3. i think she will support jim and sasha, especially sasha, just got to see the reception on her other teammates
  4. true but I believe that some will start realizing “hey this might be a good opportunity, help artists and get a good paycheck out of it, and the workload ain’t that bad either”
  5. but what they are stating about new stars needing to join to evolve the show is true and i think more and more current pop stars will start joining because ariana did.
  6. 1. Gymani 2. Wendy 3. Carolina 4. Joshua 5. Jim and Sasha
  7. off the top of my head 1. gymani 2. carolina 3. jim and sasha 4. joshua 5. hailey 6. paris 7. samuel 8. lana 9. chavon
  8. and its funny how they all think vaughn is the best and he gets dropped in battles like
  9. ok so this episode its lana, samuel, joshua, jim and sasha, and gymani who made lives correct?
  10. i believe they just referenced it. only counting songs that people picked ari with so 4 right now
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