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  1. I'm actually on time!! Here are my rankings. Knockouts 1 Corey Ward - Already Gone (10.0) Ryleigh Modig - Use Somebody (8.4) Jordan M Young - She Talks to Angels (7.0) Ethan Lively - Help Me Hold On (5.0) Ciana Pelekai - Cuz I Love You (7.5) Pia Renee - What the World Needs Now (9.0) Dana Monique - Nutbush City Limits (8.0) Keegan Ferrell - Just My Imagination (7.5) Victor Solomon - My Girl (8.0) Gean Garcia - Afterglow (7.6) Andrew Marshall - I Wont Give Up (7.7) Pete Mroz - Before You Go (8.2) Knockouts 2 Rachel Mac - Foolish Games (9.9) Zae Romeo - Electric Love (9.6) Kenzie Wheeler - Beer Never Broke My Heart (7.7) Avery Roberson - Tomorrow (6.5) Rio Doyle - Issues (7.8) Zania Alake - If I Were Your Women (9.0) Connor Christian - Youngblood (4.5) Cam Anthony - Feling Good (8.3) Anna Grace - If I Die Young (10.0) Gihanna Zoe - Glitter in the Air (8.6) Emma Caroline - Neon Moon (7.5) Devan Blake Jones - Sign of the Times (7.1) Carolina Rial - Anyone (7.8) Savanna Woods - Black Hole Sun (8.8)
  2. So I know it won't be counted but this is what I scored them based on preference. Team Legend Carolina Rial...9.5 Victor Soloman...9.4 Rio Doyle...9.0 Deion Warren...9.0 Zaina Alake...8.6 Durell Anthony...8.6 Ciana Pelekai...8.3 Pia Renee...7.8 Denisha Dalton...6.8 Christine Cain...5.5 Team Nick Zae Romero...10.0 Jose Figueroa...8.8 Lindsay Joan...8.8 Bradley Sinclair...8.6 Dana Monique...8.4 Andrew Marshall...8.0 Raine Stern...7.9 Devan Blake...7.7 Rachel Mac...7.0 Awari...6.7 Team Kelly Savanna Woods...10 Halley Greg...9.6 Anna Grace...9.2 Gihanna Zoe...9.1 Corey Ward...9.0 Kenzie Wheeler...8.6 Ryleigh Modig...8.5 Gean Garcia...8.5 Ainae... 8.4 JD Casper...7.6 Team Blake Cam Anthony...9.1 Savannah Chesnut....9.0 Keagan Ferrel...8.5 Avery Robinson....8.4 Connor Christian...7.5 Aaron Konzelman...7.2 Ethan Lively...7.0 Emma Caroline...6.8 Jordan Matthew...5.5 Pete Mroz....4.6
  3. Hi! This seems fun! Can I still post my scores for the blinds or should I just wait and rate the battles?
  4. Love HER and the song, despite it being hard to sing!!!
  5. This might be a stretch but can Marybeth's song be Shameless by Camila Cabello. It's pop and the music video has a fire motif and emphasis on stomping. Not to mention Camila released her sophomore album this week so there's the promotional aspect of it. Just speculating :)
  6. Marybeth's studio sounds stunning and the last 40 seconds are absolutely gorgeous!!
  7. She has my favorite studio for tonight!! Can you add me to this one too?
  8. Marybeth's studio sounds great what are you all talking about.
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