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  1. Cut Weaver Family Save Marty & Hagan
  2. STEPH AND KRISTEN These noms were awful and they were the people I didn't recognize so I'm cutting them (I think I might've nommed them too lol). Steph LeClair and Kristen McKenzie are a Dating team and the Official Winners of The Amazing Race Canada 4. Lesbian goddesses yas. Their average placement is a solid 2.00 which is very incredible. Steph and Kristen were not actually particularly liked by the fanbase and also were despised by the other teams for their competitive behavior. They slayed in the finale and ended up winning the game. They became the first all-female team to win the Canadian edition of the show, as well as the first female winners of the Canadian edition, and the first lesbian team to win any edition of the program. Theyre also YouTubers now which is kinda cool. s7-fFv0YrQc
  3. Save Sierra Cut Steph & Kristen
  4. how was someone else other than Dan more disgusting than him...
  5. 1. Kellee 2. Janet 3. Jamal 4. Karishma 5. Noura
  6. It's not a good look at all and incredibly horrifying to see
  7. Janet, Noura, Karishma, Jamal final 4. Period. :)
  8. Missy, Lauren, Elaine, Elizabeth can literally f**k right on off, they should be literally ashamed of themselves Dean can f**k off too, Kellee literally is the reason you're here rn????
  9. 1. kellee 2. lauren 3. karishma 4. noura 5. janet 6. missy 7. elaine 8. dean 9. elizabeth 10. Aaron 11. Jack 12. dan 13. jamal 14. tommy
  10. TYLER AND JAMES Tyler Denk and James Branaman are a team of model men who were on The Amazing Race season 10. They were the winners of this season. They were both also recovering drug addicts from California. Both are friends with Survivor: Panama winner, Aras Baskauskas --- James even appeared in Aras's hometown video that was played in that season's finale. They are also the first former drug addicts to win the race. Tyler also has his own wikipedia page which is cool yas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyler_Denk. Their avg placing on the season was 2.50. They were able to win in the finale primarily due to the fact that their cab had E-Z Pass toll collection system which allowed them to get a pretty signifcant lead
  11. Save Rupert Cut Tyler & James Use Veto on Marty & Hagan
  12. Katie Kadan Fan Thread Audition Q4dQyLz1lH4 Battle Round -24EZ9gR0Zo Knockout Nfz1sTNWquU Live Top 20 OQlLKDqjB_c Shallow Cover rs4iwMVzVSA I'd Rather Go Blind Cover vbJC2cleXcY if you want to be added just say add me :wave: Fans: 1 thevoicefan45 2 Rodney 3 FutureSurvivor 4 thevoicefan12 5 VoiceFan1 6 Dov 7 MatthewPalermo 8 thekingwhocared 9 ShadowGuy1 10 jamescasaki 11 holinessss 12 Rimalow
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