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  1. Who do i PM to get a username change.
  2. uh hi fair warning that i might get banned soon again
  3. sarah was the best winner for GC.
  4. Pics kater HOWIE GORDON Howie Gordon has his own Wiki page, wow! But anyways, Howie was a contestant on both Big Brother s6 and Big Brother All Stars. He placed 5th and 8th, respectively. In season 6, he was a part of the Sovereign Six alliance that consisted of Janelle Pierzina, Howie Gordon and his secret partner Rachel Plencner, Kaysar Ridha, James Rhine, and his secret partner Sarah Hrejsa. Janelle, James, Howie, and Kaysar returned for All Stars where they were alligned again. A fun fact about him is that in both seasons that he played, he only voted once during the jury stage. Surprised he made t100 in the original Big Brother rankdown. MATTY WHITMORE Matty Whitmore is a contestant from Survivor Gabon (aka Corinne's season). He got 4th place in this season. He was a physical beast and pretty strong in challenges. But despite being great physically supposedly, he was never able to win an individual immunity. He later aligned with Sugar who forced fire for Bob Crowley during the final four round, which Matty lost and became the final member of the jury. He ended up voting for Susie to be the sole survivor. Matty wasnt a very rootable character tbh but i dont feel too strongly about him one way or another. Good run. His relationship with Sugar was fun.
  5. Theyll be in before I leave tmrw night i PROMISE
  6. theyll be in tomorrow night thank you
  7. wally saying fam his mind is so powerful
  8. Jaymes and James Cirie Fields Yul Kwon Matty Whitmore Jeremy Collins Will Kirby Howie Gordon Dan Gheesling Nikki Grahame Ika Wong Tiffany Pollard
  9. Jason & Amy -- does this count
  10. i love most songs on this list LMAO no idea what number 1 will be tbh
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