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  1. Heather - Casting Beach Ambreal - Smoking Reflection Janet - Smoking Reflection Heather - Rock Climbing Lisa - Makeover Victoria - Garden Chantal - Gargoyles Ambreal - Recycling Chantal - Recycling Bianca - Great Wall
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Much love from Canada!
  3. Nominations: Austin Dookwah Beth Bieda Julie Vu Latoya Anderson Tina Thistle Willow MacDonald Mostly put season 9 in since we've only lost 1 of them so far. Should be 2 easy saves.
  4. 1. Shantel 2. Erika 3. Ricard 4. Liana 5. Xander 6. Heather 7. Danny 8. Deshawn
  5. Solaris

    Survivor 41

    So robbed, but it was a smart play. I think Ricard wins this season.
  6. Solaris

    Survivor 41

    Shan's not going to play her idol is she? T_T
  7. Solaris

    Survivor 41

    Good job Ricard! I think Shan's done tonight.
  8. Solaris

    Survivor 41

    Deshawns gotta be turning on them, at least on shan. I feel like this episode is going to have a horrid outcome.
  9. Lenox is still in? Gross Joke, bottom dwelling be damned.
  10. @FrogLenzen for season 10 mini rankdown
  11. Sarah Miller Sarah Miller was on Big Brother Canada Season 2. She was part of the first alliance of the season, the "First 5". This group of individuals ran the game for the majority of the early game. This was in large part to Sarah's social game. She integrated herself well with the rest of the house, and had a lot of information at her disposal. Sarah's game began to unravel when Canada took over as head of household and nominated Andrew and Sabrina. This meant she was losing one of her closest allies. The following week Heather won head of household and put up Allison and Kenny. Once Kenny saved himself from nomination by using the power of veto, Heather backdoored Sarah as she was seen as the strongest remaining outside of Kenny. She was evicted 4-3 with the Rachel, Kenny and Sabrina voting to keep her. She left the game in 10th place! Save: Adel
  12. Season 9 Snatch Game: Its time for Season 9 Snatch Game. I have attached the YouTube link for your review. The cast: Alyssa Edwards (Aja) Liza Minelli (Alexis Michelle) Sofia Vergara (Cyntha Lee Fontaine) Gigi Gorgeous (Farrah Moan) Jasmine Masters (Nina Bo'nina Brown) Nene Lekes (Peppermint) Marlene Dietrich (Sasha Velour) Naomi Campbell (Shea Couleé) Amanda Lepore (Trinity Taylor) Adriana Gutiérrez (Valentina) Rank each of the celebrity impersonations 1 to 10. Commentary is not required but appreciated! This is due Friday, Nov 26th at 12 CST. Tagging people who might still be interested! @*Chris @Elliott @*Wallace @*Lily @sublymonal @Deeee @#jeah @Zoey @FrogLenzen @JC Also If you will be participating in multiple seasons, please keep all rankings to one private message chain as to prevent too many messages. Thanks.
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