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  1. Hi! Are you ok? I do not respond much because I'm not an English native speaker and it takes forever to write a message, but I always look forward to your reviews...
  2. I have not seen all of them, so I just show the ones I remember Females: 1. Amber Fiedler (there is something about her singing that goes straight to my heart) 2. Samantha "Just Sam" Diaz 3. Cyniah Elise 4. Makayla Phillips 5. Kimmy Gabriela The following two I do not care that much, but I think they are ok for their writing skills Julia Gargano Lauren Mascitti Not really into any of these: Genavieve Linkowski Lauren Spencer-Smith Makayla Brownlee Olivia Ximines Shannon Gibbons Sophia Wackerman Males: 1. Jovin Webb (I've seen his audition a million times) 2. Jonny West 3. Francisco Martin Back on the distance 4. Travis Finlay 5. Louis Knight Not my cup of tea (though there's something about him) Arthur Gunn I don't dislike him, but... Franklin Boone Don't care much for these Devon Alexander Dillon James Nick Merico Rob Taylor Amber, Jovin, Sam and Johnny are the ones that grab my attention. I'm going for more mature, seasoned singers, some have songwriter chops. Some of the younger females are incredibly talented singers, but they are still very young. I would have to see them singing other kinds of songs besides the ones they know by heart.
  3. Wow! This has changed since the last time I was around... Loved PP's new song Over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh43Q7MhEXM
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