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Jan 27th 2024 Blue Gate PAC ~ Shipshewana ~ IND


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Scotty McCreery 
with Greylan James 
Blue Gate Theater ~ Shipshewana ~ IN 






Very limited ticket availalbility 




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2 minutes ago, sinycalone said:

Just one opener tonight.


Apparently so ..i had to check on that .


.Never saw Ann Wilson listed on anything


. I cannot decipher the marks against the different artists on Scotty tour announcement either  which doesnt help 🤣

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Country Music Night here in Shipshewana with a Huge SOLD OUT crowd for Scotty McCreery!!! Graylen James as an open was Fantastic 🎶🎤🎸








Marlou Hall

This was a fantastic show! Scotty has always put on a great show but this was THE best I’ve ever seen! Kudos to his band as well! 👏 Besides the songs we know, including his 2 current hits, he sang a few new songs he’d written - SO good! Thanks to Blue Gate Performing Arts Center. Keep bringing him back!


Michelle Ray Baker
Another great show! He has such a natural, authentic talent. Way to tell your story tonight, beautiful.


Tim Cindy Slocum
It was a great concert!!


Colleen Morris Plucinski
It was the best ever!!!!!




Z-dbClQDXLv.pngTop fan
Diana Sobecki
What a wonderful show tonight with Scotty! Truly one of the best!! Bring him back soon!


Mary Condon Stanton
Best concert ever, such a wonderful artist & person. ♥️♥️Bring Scotty back soon 👍🏻👍🏻♥️


Angela Green
Great entertainer!!


Linda Johnson
I was there. An awesome show. Just awesome





Catherine Crook
Great pictures


Tabby Cleverly Kain
It was an amazing show!!


Diane Zinsmaster
Awesome show! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😉


Ronnie Phillips
It was an awesome show!


Denise Grubbs Heckaman
Such a great concert! Loved hearing his story.




Kathy Orcutt
This was one fabulous show💜💜


Stephanie Georgi
It was amazing!!!! Would welcome him back anytime!!!
Linda Leblang
Best show yet!!!
Such a great entertainer!!!


Cathy Darryl Ramey
Excellent concert!!!!❤️
We had a wonderful time


Bobbi Scott
Great show, great artist!


Patti Armstrong
It was so good! Great seats. I told Heather that we would go back there for another concert!


JeffandTracy O'Connor
Great concert


Jodie Reeve Folk
Great Show!!!
Laura Kappler
Awesome show can’t wait for your new album.





Terri Zaichek
Amazing show!!
Kim Parks
My second time seeing him, Awesome show
Jane Mikel Jacobs
Awesome show!!
Jennie Batta
Awesome show!
Esther Feyes
Awesome entertainer!
JenieceandDavid Corwin
Such an awesome show.
Linda Wiersema
Awesome show!!!
Rebecca Hutchins
Awesome show!!!!
Cindy Trahin
That was an awesome show! 👏🏻🤩
Jim Meeks
Really enjoyed the concert! Scott is so talented, authentic and a joy to watch perform! We had a great time tonight!


Aaron Stevens
One of the best performers blue gate offers. Can't wait to see him again hopefully next year
Carol Munsch
Awesome 👏
Sean Theflanman
Concert was awesome Scotty McCreery did a great job
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Bill Cochrane

I never heard of Scotty before last night. My wife and I bought tickets in December because she loves his music....guess who likes his music now.....this guy.
Frances Babbs
It was an AWESOME show. He is so good. love his voice. a great storyteller.
Steve Gray
It was a wonderful concert, really enjoyed it.
Judy Schlegel
yes Bill wasnt he awesome??? i enjoyed it so much and such a great family man.
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