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Dec 21st ABC Network / GMA Performance ~ New York


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According to Jeffrery these are times to watch them all tomorrow .CHECK YOUR OWN LISTINGS!!! 


( My regular early GMA runs ET 7-9pm ..so in fact my time would be 8.45 am ET 


.HOWEVER GMA 3 doesn't start in NJ til 1pm ET so my time is not the same as Jeffrerys suggestion here of 9.45am CT My time in ET is 1.45PM  )




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Scott Stem in NY tonight ....



    Saw “Shucked” on Broadway tonight. So much fun!! Now a quick nap before getting up and heading over with Scotty in the early am for ”Good Morning America” in the morning! Last work trip of 2023!




    Spence flew yesterday for some sight-seeing in NY with wife Misti and his daughter 



    Scotty in NY also ..I believe Gabi may be with him.

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6 minutes ago, packman88 said:

Just heard back from Scott Stem....he will air in the first 10 minutes of the show. Again depending on market is when GMA3 airs.

Thanks Mike ,,,we didnt have that update .Most folks think he 's on in last 15minutes ....!!

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