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AI22 Showcase Round (Top 57) Standing Ovations

Idol Maniac

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Launched Tuesday, January 23rd

Last Updated Wednesday, February 7th


Note: It's not necessarily an exhaustive list, but it should be very close to it.


Also notable is that while closer Abi Carter did NOT receive a standing ovation from any of the 3 judges for her performance, the in-person audience audibly chanted her name several times.


All 3 Judges:


Alto Moon

Alyssa Raghu

Ava Nicole Frances

B.K. WitDaVoice

Blake Proehl

Christine Umali

Elleigh Francom

Emmy Russell

Hailey Mia

Jack Blocker

Jayna Elise Brown

Jennifer Jeffries

Jordan Anthony

Julia Gagnon

Julian Cross

Kenny Holland

Mackenzie Sol

Max Dasher

McKenna Breinholt

Mia Makana Matthews

Micaela McCall

Nars Taylor

Nyachomba “Nya” Muchai-Kinya

Odell Bunton, Jr.

Quintavious Johnson

Reagan Mills

Roman Collins

Scarlett Lee

Sophia Ava Marie

Triston Harper

Will Moseley

Ziggy Krassenberg


Luke Bryan & Lionel Richie:



Lionel Richie:

Laela Dasher

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Hmmm maybe the judges were so shook by Abi that they couldn't get out of their seats!!!! 


Also Alyssa getting 3 SO's... I need to know if she made Top 24 or not ughh

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