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Power rank the top 12 by how far you think they’ll go. *Spoilers*


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@Hamza Tufail since I was mostly right
This has nothing to do with talent. I do not have the delusion that Tanner or BIAS are more talented than Kara.


Power ranking how the top 12 will do without team quotas. Prepared to Flop. Again: This is NOT based on talent.


1. Nini - I predict she will win if they want a Niall win. She’s his best singer IMO.


2. Ruby or Jordan - I think Reba is the new Blake so two country girls on her team will be number 2 & number 3. Ruby might win, but 3 country girls in the top 12 could result in some vote splitting come the finale. If a country singer wins though, it will be Ruby, but Jordan could overtake her as runner up if Ruby does not win.


3. Jordan or Jacquie - If minivan doesn’t like Jordan, Jacquie could be 3rd placer instead of her, but she won’t beat Ruby.


4. Jordan or Jacquie - If Nini wins, I could actually see three country girls being 3 of the 4 runners up.

5. Mac - We need a soulful r&b singer in the finale from Team John. Rose, DeSz, J. Holiday, Victor, Jershika, NOIVAS, etc. A few seasons ago Lila could have pulled a Maelyn, but not anymore. I don’t entirely blame John for that.


6. Tanner - No he is not a good singer. THAT DOES NOT MATTER. I know I said he was going to win but I wasn’t thinking clearly after Chechi got eliminated sorry. Mixed bag. If their are team quotas, he could be Gwen’s finale representative as a teenage boy, attracting the weird moms from minivan who find him adorable. I could see him winning or pulling a Kique. I’m deeply sorry but Chechi would have been much lower on here. That’s not fun but it’s realistic. If she was Team Reba maybe she could break the curse & win, but on Team Gwen it wasn’t going to happen.


7. Lila - Team John made up half the top 8 last year. She will likely beat the top 12 but not make the finale. She’s like the Kim of the season. Kaylee would have been the Parijita. If she was on Team Niall I could see her winning, but their coach makes a huge difference.


8. BIAS - This list is not about talent. It’s realistic. Country Britton Buchanan had a terrible audition but he’s young & has a folk country sound that could help him. He’s not going to win the entire season because he’s on team Gwen & this is not a country guy’s season but I think he has a chance to make it past the top 12 eliminations.


9. Huntley - Like I said above, this is not a country guys season. I am a fan of his though as you can see that I was made OP of his fan thread. But yeah, if there are team quotas, Nini is representing Team Niall. If a country guy somehow miraculously wins this season (it’s not going to happen) it’s going to be BIAS.


10. Mara - If she was on Team John & this was a male heavy season, I could see her getting 5th over Mac, but with so many females, I don’t think she’ll go that far. If she was on Team Reba, 3rd place maybe if this wasn’t a country girl season. If this was about talent, she’d be much higher. Likely number 4 or even 3.


11. Kara - She is not a favorite of either IDF or minivan. If their are team quotas & Tanner drops out of the competition for some reason, BIAS will take Gwen to the finale. 


12. Azán - Do I need to explain further?


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